a great sports page idea

Our little Miss Laura Vegas is soooo making me want summer . . . or wait, spring . . .  with this softball page! (Don't like too much heat.  :) ) Having done many-a sports here and the fact that we're winding down with kids in the home, I kind of miss going to the ballpark . . . or football field in the fall. Going to the ballpark was part of my 'going out with Dan' before (and after) we were married. So it all started there. Many years ago. [ Shapes | Background Basics (green circles) + The Ol' Ballgame (title and [...]

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backgrounds in ‘project life size’ are here!

Price: $10 [ Comes in SVG/STUDIO/DXF/AIv8/PNG ] Oh the fun you can have with this kit! I've taken the majority of the backgrounds in the two Background kits and made them so you can easily use them with your two Project Life photo pockets. All you have to do is decide which one you wanna use! There is one file for both sizes of each style. So, for example, the two houndstooth images would be in one file. There are 34 background shapes in all. I can't wait to see what y'all do with it! :)

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  I get asked how Otis is doing from time to time . . . since we made it official and all that he's a part of the family. He's doing great. He spends a lot more time inside due to the weather. It's funny how that makes a huge difference in the 'attachment' level . . . on both ends. And the 'responsibility' level. And the 'get a bath at Petsmart' level, which he just had yesterday. He loves to go for a ride and often goes with whoever takes Jordan to school. If he thinks he's suppose to [...]

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celebrating 100 years of seminary

On Sunday, our church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) celebrated 100 years of Seminary. Seminary is a program for the youth in grades 9-12 where they can learn more about the scriptures and the history of the church. Around Utah and parts of Idaho even, the kids can take a 'class' during school that is called 'Released Time' so that they can attend Seminary during school hours in a building next to the school, but technically off school grounds. They don't get credit for this either. In most other places, kids attend early-morning seminary--before school--and it can be [...]

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a look at project life | magouirk style!

I think our darling Miss Nichol is having way too much fun on her Project Life endeavor!Check out what her little magical fingers have been up to! Love how she used the photo booth template there on the left page! Look how cute! She used that brand new Friday Freebie heart border on her photo! [ Kits | Life Additions #2 / Life Additions: Weeklies / Snapshots #2 / Friday Freebie Heart Border ] Love the mix of her titles. All her fun little touches.fabulous.just fabulous. check out her blog for more details!

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friday freebie | heart border

I thought maybe I might share a little 'behind the scenes' as to how my brain works. It's kind of scary to go there as most things in my brain are scary in a demented sort of way. But I thought it might be fun to share that part of my creative process. Maybe fun? I dunno. Maybe I'm just being weird, which isn't hard. So last night I was watching my Thursday night dose of The Mentalist and up pops a commercial with a ribbon of sorts rolling around on the screen. All of a sudden an image popped into [...]

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more ‘life additions’ | quick dinner idea

check. Did you hear that? I just checked that 'partly done' Life Additions kit off my list! Feels good! It's been sitting there waiting my attention for too long! This kit has some fun little tidbits to work with your Project Life. Some frames, some little doo-dads for the smaller pockets, and my favorite, the file folder pieces! This is something you can add to your journaling card or just use the file folder to put directly in the slot. But wait, there's more! There are titles you can add to it . . . or even just add them [...]

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tickled pink . . . again.

I think that 'pink' is the new black right now. It's such a happy color, isn't it? I'm just loving it right now. So you can only imagine my delight when Miss Robyn sent me these darling Valentines . . . made with the Background Basics series! [ Shape: Background Basics + More Background Basics ] Does that just say happy to you???*sigh*love.   Here's what Robyn has to say: I love anything that has to do with Hearts! Valentine's is such a fun holiday to decorate for with the fun pink and red colors, hearts, love and more! I wanted to [...]

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feelin’ the love

I told y'all I was in a valentine / pinky mood. Here's something to get you started thinking about it too! :) [ Comes in SVG/STUDIO/DXF/AIv8/PNG] Price: $1 I included three color versions because I was just in the mood. It's how I roll sometimes. But that's not to say you couldn't alter colors to suit your needs. There's also a version that's just black text, no background. There are also cut files so that if you wanted to cut it on vinyl, you could surely do that too! Oh, and these would make awesome Valentine cards too! [...]

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blast from the past | my travel journal

Cleaning your office can bring such delight! I came across something I haven't seen for a couple years at least . . . I think I'd pretty much forgotten about it even! I made this six years ago when getting ready for a trip to Ireland, Scotland + England.   When I saw it I was just tickled pink at all its yummy goodness. I loved making this interactive and interesting with the variety of lettering, cropped pages, and pockets. As you can see, I ran out of letters on some things. I have more, I just never got around [...]

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