Many of you know I hold a special place in my heart for Becky Higgins’ Project Life. Not only is it just a brilliant way of recording your memories, but I just happened to have designed the Turquoise Edition. It was so fun collaborating with that darling Miss Becky. I’ve known her many-a years and have worked with her during my CK Kit of the Month days. I even sat next to her on Oprah when Lisa Bearnson was on that show. Good times.

A few months ago I made my first Life Additions kit to work with the Project Life kits (with BH’s permission, of course). I had intended to make many more. Uhhhh . . . yeah. I can’t believe it’s been 7 months since I’ve released another kit!


I mean, I’ve had a couple kits in the works for quite some time, just never had the time to finish them.

So you can only imagine my excitement to finally bring you a brand new kit in the Life Additions series. This kit is designed with keeping track of each week in the year.


It comes with a couple different presentations of the numbers–with a half circle or on its own–to use within a circle or on a circle. You can see some examples of those in the image above.

And I love the big ‘WEEK’ that you could put on top of one of your cute Project Life 4×6 cards. So much fun!

Now, I wanted to keep the bulk of this kit proportional to that 4×6 card. So all the numbers were saved accordingly–and in groups of 10 (12 for the last set). Silhouette Studio should keep everything proportional, however, if you are using one of the other file types in a different software, it may change the size so it might not be as proportional as it was when I  saved it.

Therefore, I am including the width of the files so that you can work with them in that fashion if you need to. They are:

weeks_01-10_halfcircle_0098:  7.98″ 
weeks_11-20_halfcircle_0098:  8″
weeks_21-30_halfcircle_0098:  7.95″
weeks_31-40_halfcircle_0098:  7.96″
weeks_41-52_halfcircle_0098:  8″

weeks_01-10_plain_0098:  7.69″
weeks_11-20_plain_0098:  6.93″
weeks_21-30_plain_0098:  7.43″
weeks_31-40_plain_0098:  7.37″
weeks_41-52_plain_0098:  7.77″

The circles are 2.9″, ‘WEEK’ is 5.9″ wide, ‘week’ is 3.6″ wide, and the block ‘week’ is 5″ wide.

Having all the number images the same size would be great for just using them consistently within your book as well–especially if you’re going to just cut them all out ahead of time.

Okay, I hope that didn’t just make everything confusing. I hope it helps. You don’t have to confirm/change the sizes, but if you want to make sure it’s all consistently the same? Then you’re good to go with this info. :) Just trying to take the guess work out of it if it comes down to that.

I’m a-workin’ on wrapping up that other Life Additions kit. Hopefully it’ll be done soon!