I thought maybe I might share a little ‘behind the scenes’ as to how my brain works. It’s kind of scary to go there as most things in my brain are scary in a demented sort of way. But I thought it might be fun to share that part of my creative process. Maybe fun? I dunno. Maybe I’m just being weird, which isn’t hard.

So last night I was watching my Thursday night dose of The Mentalist and up pops a commercial with a ribbon of sorts rolling around on the screen. All of a sudden an image popped into my head of a rolling ribbon, but being in the Valentine mood that I’m in, the heart popped in my head as part of that ribbon motion. Which resulted in today’s freebie:


You can download it for free HERE.

Sometimes I feel like I get inspiration in the weirdest places. lol And once it popped in my  head I had to jump up and find the nearest writing combination, lest I forget the idea–which, in this case, happened to be a pencil and a napkin–drawing it in the dark of my bedroom with the television as my only glimmer of light…which I was mostly blocking with my rather round body. Hey, whatever works man.

So, that was probably more than you really cared to know. ;)