On Sunday, our church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) celebrated 100 years of Seminary. Seminary is a program for the youth in grades 9-12 where they can learn more about the scriptures and the history of the church. Around Utah and parts of Idaho even, the kids can take a ‘class’ during school that is called ‘Released Time’ so that they can attend Seminary during school hours in a building next to the school, but technically off school grounds. They don’t get credit for this either. In most other places, kids attend early-morning seminary–before school–and it can be really early for some. Like 5:30 or 6:00…every day. I had done both times and going during school was so much better. ;)

You may remember me talking last October about a man who spoke to the youth in our stake (like 10 wards/congregations). He travels the world to see the other seminaries. It was amazing hearing the stories of the devotion of the kids to learn about Christ and his teachings. You can read that post HERE.

At that fireside, Jordan sang a song and the man invited her to sing in a choir of seminary students at a 100-year celebration of Seminary, which happened just this past Sunday. This, is what I like to call, Jordan’s ‘Mo-Tab’ moment—Mo-Tab as in Mormon Tabernacle Choir—because that is where they sang for this world-wide broadcast.

[ Photos are screen grabs from the broadcast video. I have to document the moment!
If I can figure out a way to get a copy of the recording, I need to do that. ]

They did an amaaaazing job! I think they could give the Mo-Tab a run for their money. ;) And one little side note, it’s not uncommon to know people in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir ’round these parts. I think Jordan has had four teachers herself that have been or are still in the choir–her third-grade teacher, her sixth grade teacher, her junior high choir teacher and her high school choir teacher. Pretty crazy.

If you’d like to go hear the choir sing, you can do that HERE. She sings at minutes 23:00 and 53:15. She’s in the front row of center-left section, fifth girl in from the left wearing the blue shirt tucked into a black skirt. You tell me if they could take on Mo-Tab. ;)

This was such an incredible experience for Jordan. A once-in-a-lifetime moment for sure. It’s not very often you get to see the prophet of the church, much less attend a function where’s he’s at, let alone participate in it. The conference center seats 21,000 and it was maybe 3/4 full. The program was additionally broadcasted to the youth and leaders around the world through cable, satellite and internet. Again, what an amazing world we live in.

It was pretty impressive from mom + dad’s point of view too. To see all the people that came to watch and listen to the words of the leaders in the church. To feel the amazing spirit in the moment of the meeting.

Additionally, Jordan was able to go ‘behind the scenes’ of the conference center and walk through the tunnels and corridors where the leaders of the church and MTC walk so often.

I need Jordan to write down all her thoughts on this while it’s all still fresh…if she hasn’t already. And I’m kicking myself for not writing my thoughts down that night and waiting until today. I had some different thoughts on Sunday on the drive home, but now, I’ve forgotten them. Note: Go with your gut instinct. Don’t wait to journal later. Do it now!

Oh, and one other thing, when they shared the story of how Seminary got started, the person that plays the seminary teacher in the reenactment is Dallyn Bayless….the man that played ‘Father’ in Jordan’s ‘Children of Eden’ play last fall. Kind-a cool. If you want to see his little snippet, it starts at minute 6:00. Or heck, just sit back and watch the whole thing for an hour. ;)

It really was an amazing night.