I get asked how Otis is doing from time to time . . . since we made it official and all that he’s a part of the family.

He’s doing great.

He spends a lot more time inside due to the weather.

It’s funny how that makes a huge difference in the ‘attachment’ level . . . on both ends.

And the ‘responsibility’ level.

And the ‘get a bath at Petsmart’ level, which he just had yesterday.

He loves to go for a ride and often goes with whoever takes Jordan to school.

If he thinks he’s suppose to go and he doesn’t? It’s the equivalent of a two-year old fit. Oh the howling and moaning and jumping up on the couch that occurs.

It’s quite hilarious, really.

And he can carry on for at least a couple minutes (which feels like 15 minutes in dog years). Have you ever heard a deep + relatively loud howling and slightly barking resonate in a 100 year old upright piano before? It’s quite an experience. Just makes the sound last even longer.


He’s a giant toddler, we’ve decided.



Still can’t get him and the cat, Sam, to exist together. Working on it. Luckily our house a four-level split. The cat gets upstairs and the dog gets the rest, unless he’s outside. Then the cat does let the dog know that he’s back in charge by taunting him at the back window. Cat inside. Dog outside. Cat feels pretty awesome.

He’s just big and goofy.

So much personality.

Still can’t get him to settle down when trying to put on a leash. It’s like he goes into over-spastic mode . . . biting at the leash, jumping, and going completely berserk. I don’t know why he does that. Thought he would settle down on that by being in the house more and with us. It wouldn’t be bad if he was the size of a Chihuahua.

We’ve added ‘lay down’ to his repertoire of skills. Treats are involved most of the time. And it’s not a simple laying down of the dog. There’s a slight spring in his movement downward, with front paws going out in front of him as he flops down so quickly. I think he may even bounce or two a little at the end as he hits the floor. It’s rather comical.

I think he has to be made of Flubber.

Still hoping that we can just let him go out in the backyard without hooking him up. Sometimes he does okay . . . but not for long periods and you have to keep an eye on him. The neighbor’s yard is just too tempting for this curious dog. He was brought back home by the neighbor girl the other day. Usually we just whistle and he comes running like a young buck, leaping the chain link fence in a single bound.

He never gets any love in the house (um, that’s sarcasm . . . just in case you couldn’t tell.)

When all is said and done, and I’ve said this a-plenty . . .
how can you resist that face?