It’s funny how such little things can make a person happy.


…a new lightbulb in the bottom half of your fridge. You mean there was food down there???

morning light coming in from the east-facing window and casting shadows from the blinds on the west facing kitchen cabinets. A great sign that spring is coming because the sun is moving!

…listening to MoTown in the kitchen with your kids while making dinner (me) and snickerdoodles (Jordan). Okay, so I admit it…we were singing (loudly) and dancing too. How could you not to something like Ain’t No Mountain High Enough with Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell? One of the best songs ever.

…spending time with your bestie watching a movie, sharing a large kettle corn, and chatting.

…getting new batteries in your watches. It’s like you’ve got a whole new watch wardrobe.

…getting a new faucet in your bathroom because the screw stripped out of the old handle the week before and you have to use pliers to turn it on until you get a new one . . . and get it installed.

Taco Wednesday where you get great authentic tacos for only a dollar from the Mexican place.

…having an ‘aha’ moment and discovering a work around to do something to your website that you wanted in the first place.

finally buying a new vacuum because your other one sucked…and not in the good way.

…and most of all?

Helllooooo ring!

So nice to see you with me again! It’s been a long time baby!
The top one is my ring and the band was my mom’s. I like ’em together. :)
(hands were a little swollen first thing here in the a.m.)

Now if only we could get our dog and cat to get along. That would be a happy day…and a miracle. Of course, it might be a sign of the end of the world for 2012, so if it does happen? Beware. ;)