Steve Jobs and his incredible vision revolutionized our technological world.

Can you imagine not having an iPod?
I don’t know what I’d do without mine.
And don’t even get me started on my Mac.

I think he truly loved doing what he did.

And when I heard this quote from him some time ago, I knew I had to do something with it.
(it just took me a little while. ;) )

Which brings me to today’s freebie.


You can download it for freeĀ HERE.

I don’t think there is something more eloquently said.
And it doesn’t just have to apply to a person that ‘works’…I think it can apply to anyone.

It comes in three variations…plain black+white, one with a little distressing,
and then one that’s really grunged up.

Its size is 8×12 on this go around of subway art.
I wanted the look to be long and more poster like.

I’d planned on buying an 8×12 frame . . . until I ran into this little number yesterday
at my favorite place: Rod Works.

It’s actually a metal piece, intended for use as a magnet board.
I just covered the printed design with my own design.

It’s also 8.625″ x 14.5″, so I did stretch it a little.

Love it!

I plan on hanging it up in my office.


And if you haven’t noticed, I finally have a link with all the freebies on display. You always have been able to access them through the Categories/Freeibies link in ‘post’ form, but now they are all there visually so you can see what you may have missed.

Have a lovely weekend!