Do you have your GREEN on?

I think green is one of my favorite colors.
So maybe that must be one of the reasons why I loved Ireland so much?

It is, after all, known as the place of 40 shades of green.

Wanna see all my shades of green from our last trip there?
I put them all into a storyboard template from Storyboard #6.



I think that today would be a perfect day to put the storyboard templates on sale!

You can find all the storyboard photo templates under this link HERE.
Sale ends Sunday night.

And just when you didn’t think it could get any better? 
I just HAVE to do one of these today!

That’s right, just leave a comment in this post about why you are lucky
and I’ll draw THREE winners of a $25 gift card first thing Monday morning.

And on something LUCKY related, here’s a little clip of Jordan in the play ‘Lucky Stiff.’
She’s the old lady on the left in curlers.
And please excuse the not-so great recording. I need a new video recorder!
Anyone have one they really like? I’m open to suggestions. :)

p.s. i have had this song or the ‘nightmare’ version of it in my head for two weeks now.
p.p.s jordan went to home coming with the guy in the trench coat
and to sadies with the guy in the leather coat. should i be worried? ;)

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