nsd week-long celebration!

That's right ba-by! National Scrapbook Day is this coming Saturday and I want to help you get ready for it! BIG things happening on the site this week! Can you say sale? How's about giveaways? Uh huh. Sure. I knew you could. :) And what fun would a week be without fabulous inspiration from our amazing creative team?They'll be sharing not only wonderful ideas, but fun tips+favorites. Also, they told me what they'd like as a freebie and voila! It's available to you as a freebie for that day only.When the day is over, the shape goes into a vault and will [...]

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florence photo: the progression

As promised, I'm sharing the before-during-and-after editing of my Florence bridge. So this is the original photo. It was a foggy morning, as it is on many days on the coast--even in summer. Go inland about a mile and it's bright and sunshiny. Next I added a 'folded brown paper bag' image that we used in Jessica's class. She also shares where you can get more of these too.That layer is at 82%. Next I lightened the image using an action from Totally Rad Actions, called 'Lights On'.These are seriously the best things ever.It's set at 74% Then I used [...]

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FABulous photo page idea!

Just how many photos do your kids take on their mobile devices?How many do they take of themselves??? ;) Tons. On all counts, I'm sure. Don't ya just love not having to worry about buying film and developing it?? Well, Laura Vegas has the right idea with this page baby! [ Shapes | Borderlines 2 (birds on a wire) / This+That: Spring ('hello spring' + daisy) / Storyboard #6 ] I love...love...that she took some of those photos, turned them into a 'photobooth' style and put them on a page. adore. Here's what Laura has to say: I love seeing [...]

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oh. yeah.

Who's in the mood for a giveaway??? In case you hadn't heard, I've teamed up with Jessica Sprague to teach a class or two. ;) Well, you may or may not know that I've been a fan of Jessica's for a looong time!This girl is TA-LEN-TED!And a total sweetheart to boot! A few years ago she offered one of my most very favorite classes ever...for free.And now, you can have the chance to take it for free too! This seriously opened up my mind to a whole new world of possibilities!  dreamy. I know there are a lot of you [...]

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gorgeousness for sure!

Sooo totally love this card from Shari!. The colors, the composition, the everything! I've been dying to share it! love. love. love.     I have been having internet problems today so, this is just a quick post from my daughter's computer and her phone 'hotspot'. I'll come back and edit with all the links and such. :) But Shari does use the Life Additions Background kit. :)

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class starts monday!

*gasp*! I can't believe my second class is almost here!(you can sign up HERE, if'n ya still need to) I feel like I've just been in a whirlwind of creating videos of  delicious goodness and fun for you all to add to your repertoire of skills! It's very exciting! I have seriously been giddy planning this out for you all. seriously. And to top it off...freebies? oh. yeah. Here's a few more to add to what I showed earlier. It's probably a $10 value when all is said and done. sweet. See ya in class on Monday! Oh, and speaking [...]

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guess who’s a guest panelist on paperclipping.com

Last week I had a wonderful opportunity to chat with the girls -- and Izzy :) -- at PaperClipping.com. What a great group of people! We just had a great time! And it was such fun talking about what we each love about manual die cutters and digital cutters and why 'this' one or 'that' one works for each of us. If you want to check it out, you can listen to it here:   Thanks for asking me to come sit at your round table guys!

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my new favorite phrase

I just love that new phrase from the latest Happy kit. The one that says: 'Such a perfect day. I'm glad I spent it with you.' How many times have you just had those moments where you werejust happy and content to spend some time with a favorite someone? Well, now that phrase is in action here with a page from that ever-so darling, Miss Nichol. I loooove seeing shapes come to life! [ Shapes | Happy (title) / This+That: Freedom (sunburst) / This +That Family  (small flower+leaves) / Scallop Flower Freebie / Storyboard #1 ] just. adore. (the colors [...]

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sneak peek

If ya didn't catch the sneak peek on Facebook of some the freebie shapesavailable in my new JessicaSprague.com class? Here they are . . . You just know I have to include some freebies, eh?And, can I just tell you how excited I am to be teaching you all these fun new techniques?I'm giddy. Class starts in a week!!! Ack!

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this is my happy kit

I just couldn't take it anymore. Last week I had this surge of happiness. Beautiful spring weather can do that to a gal. I had all these fun 'happy' phrases in my head and just knew I needed to make  'happy' kit. But I've been a wee bit busy. Finally, I just said the heck with it. I  just had to do it before I burst! :) [ Comes in SVG/STUDIO/DXF/AIv8/PNG ] Price: $6 As you can see there are a couple variations on some of the titles, like 'Such a Perfect Day...'I loved the fancy way, but thought it [...]

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