Oh my goodness! The class is up and it is live! I just have to say that I have loved hearing all the excitement! Your comments have been wonderful here. And I really love hearing about how people who have had their machine forever or haven’t even taken it out of the box are taking the class so they can really start using it. That’s what I really wanted to hear in regards to this class. You’ve got something powerful in your hands, now you’ll be able to make some fabulous things!¬†And I have to tell you, once you start using it, you can’t stop. I use it on almost every single project . . . it’s that addicting.

So if you haven’t headed on over to the class yet, better run on over. There’s also a message board goin’, so be sure to pop in and say ‘hi’ to everyone!

And if you haven’t signed up yet, I hear people say they’re signing up even if they are comfortable using the program. They want to hear any little tips and tricks that there may be. Not to mention, you get some exclusive shapes and printable papers. And I can totally understand that. I feel the same way with some programs. That’s why I wanted this class to be reasonably priced, so that even if you’ve been using your machine, you would still want to take it in the event there’s something else to learn. And, by the by, we do learn a couple neat tricks here. :)

Anyway, exciting day! Thanks for being a part of it!