Just how many photos do your kids take on their mobile devices?
How many do they take of themselves??? ;)

Tons. On all counts, I’m sure.

Don’t ya just love not having to worry about buying film and developing it??

Well, Laura Vegas has the right idea with this page baby!

[ Shapes | Borderlines 2 (birds on a wire) / This+That: Spring (‘hello spring’ + daisy) / Storyboard #6 ]

I lovelove…that she took some of those photos, turned them into a ‘photobooth’ style and put them on a page.


Here’s what Laura has to say:

I love seeing all of the photos that my daughters take, using their IPod Touch’s. It’s crossed my mind a few times, that I should scrapbook some of them, since it really gives a peek into their world. I decided to finally do just that, and swiped these photos from them that they had taken last week, on our first nice “spring” day. I used a few of the skinnier photo strip collages, from the Storyboard #6 kit, to print out my photos. Since these came off their IPod’s, they weren’t the best quality, so I liked that they would be smaller on the page.

And now, for the random winner of like my most favoritst class e-ver….

CAROLINE M. – APRIL 24, 2012 – 3:46 PM
Wow ! I would love to win this class. Thanks Kerri !

Congratulations Caroline! Email me with your username for jessicasprague.com and I’ll get you all hooked up. You’re gonna LOVE it! And for anyone else that didn’t win? You would love this class too!