As promised, I’m sharing the before-during-and-after editing of my Florence bridge.

So this is the original photo. It was a foggy morning,
as it is on many days on the coast–even in summer.
Go inland about a mile and it’s bright and sunshiny.

Next I added a ‘folded brown paper bag’ image that we used in Jessica’s class.
She also shares where you can get more of these too.
That layer is at 82%.

Next I lightened the image using an action from Totally Rad Actions, called ‘Lights On’.
These are seriously the best things ever.
It’s set at 74%

Then I used another action from TRA called Boutwell Magic Glasses.
It just kind of brings things into focus more…makes it sharper…more defined.
That layer is set to 64%

Last step for the photo editing…I added a TTV (Thru-The-View Finder).
I did a little blog post on that a few months ago HERE, but I learned about them in Jessica’s class.
I set this to 88%.

And then just for fun, I had added a text layer to make it look like an old-timey postcard.

Ta-da! There ya have it! Photo editing can be so danged fun!

So, okay, next weekend is National Scrapbook Day! Tuesday is May….where is this year going?!?!?
So, I think there needs to be some fun a-happenin’ next week.
What do you think?

Maybe y’all should tune in Monday.
Not sayin’ nuttin’ else. ;)