the time is drawing near

no pun intended. ;) I can't believe class starts on Monday! I'm just a little enthusiastic at the fun that you can have with Silhouette Studio's Designer Edition. You'll be able to 'live' that enthusiasm with me when you watch the videos. lol We'll be making some really cool things and I'll teach ya how to use the rhinestone and sketch tools for something other than what they are intended for. Gotta love it when you can multi-purpose...well....anything! The class is available to buy/watch forever and ever. It's self-paced, so there's no official 'class time' that you have to be [...]

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every picture tells a story

Ahhh . . .  something wonderful today from Little Miss Laura. :) Check out these darling kids from her daycare! [ Shapes | This+That: Freedom (sunburst) / Say What #2 (title) Love how Laura used the square sunbursts as a mini color blocking accents on the page! Here's what Laura has to say: I had these photos of my daycare kids printed out, and as soon as I came across the "Every Photo Tells A Story" title from the Say What #2 kit, I knew it was perfect for this layout. I love using Kerri's titles that have a mix [...]

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been collecting some cool titles over the past couple months.(who am i kidding...i'm always collecting titles.) i feel like a new 'say what' kit might be in the near future. felt compelled to make a saying yesterday. wanna peek? :)

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capitol reef: star trails

One of the really great things about going on a photography excursion isthat you get to try things you've never done before.... this: This is a star trail. And while I've seen them going across the sky before, I've never seen it going around in circles. It's a bit trippy. Kind of blows your mind just a bit. You can see just a blip of mountain down there in the right corner. I think it was about 11:00 at night when I took this. What you do is focus your camera on the North Star and leave your shutter [...]

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and the winners of the DE1 class are…

I love that y'all are as excited about this class as I am! Got some cool tricks to show ya and just can't wait! Here's the randomly drawn winners for the Designer Edition 1 class! STEPHG. - MAY 21, 2012 - 8:21 AM Kerri, I tool your first Silhouette class and loved it. I’m excited about this class too. I’m Stephanie from Florida. Thanks for a chance to win! and SANDRA N, - MAY 21, 2012 - 7:12 PM Would luv to win a spot in this class … learned SO much from the first 2! Thanks for the giveaway and all the inspiration [...]

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by popular demand…

...introducing the new Silhouette Studio Designer Edition class! I would have to say that since I started teaching Silhouette classesthat this is by far the most requested item I hear about. And now? It's here! We'll be learning allllll sorts of cool tips and tricks with this baby! Not only will we be diving into what's new and the added features, but I'll show you how to use some of  them beyond what they are really intended for. I'm constantly amazed at what Studio + now the Designer Edition can do! We'll talk about the more extensive Eraser+Knife tools as [...]

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I'm in my little workshop again. Designing a new edition of my Silhouette classes (wink wink). So whilst I'm doing that, I thought I might share thispanoramic view of Capitol Reef. This is three photos in one--that's how massive that landscape is.yeah. breathtaking.

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for the grad

It's kind of crazy to think this time next year I'll be having my very last grad in the house--and I'm reminded of it frequently. Jordan's just finishing her junior year and is already heavily involved in her senior year....already! She's the president of her school's service group. She's getting ready to gear up for all her musicals--for which we find out what they are here soon. And she just brought home papers last night for next year's choir tour--for which they are going to NYC and singing in Carnegie Hall (among other places), doing workshops--including a Broadway one, seeing Wicked, [...]

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love you mom.

I have to admit. Even though it's been almost eight years since my mom passed away, it still seems weird that she's not around. There's many-a times when something happens in my little family's life, I think,'My mom would have gotten a kick out of this.' Eight years and I'm still thinking how what happens in my life would affect her life. I guess it doesn't matter how long it's been, it's just something instinctive...innate, maybe. Wish she could have been around for the big digital age of cameras.She would have loved printing to see your results.And she could [...]

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more subway art for you!

Been busy getting the Subway Art up to date on the upcoming holidays. Check these out for Graduation and Mother's Day!Both are just $1. [ Comes in PNG as well as SVG/STUDIO/DXF/AIv8 ] [ Comes in PNG as well as SVG/STUDIO/DXF/AIv8 ] But wait . . . there's more! You can now buy these eight holiday subway art images--including the new Family one--in a specialty pack for just $5.50. Price: $5.50 This would make an amaaazing Mother's Day gift! I plan on getting laser jet transparencies--so they are totally clear--and then cut out the titles in vinyl, put them on [...]

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