Goodness gracious.
Where do I even start today???

So many things to share!

When it comes to scrapbooking, there are two key elements:
the photos + the stories.

For me, that’s where my focus is all the time.

And I like keeping things clean so your attention is always drawn to the photos first.
That’s just my thing. :)

That’s why I’m just so excited about all the broo-ha-ha for today!

So let’s maybe start with the sale!

Just look for the items with sale tags in the store!

And remember, these are on sale for today only!

These babies have got to be, by far, one of my most favorite scrapbooking elements.
Speaking of keeping things nice and neat. Of course, you can always add lots of character
to them too.

If you’re new to the site want to see what all the excitement is about,
check out the Tutorials link and you can see just how easy they are to use!

And speaking of just how easy they are to use,
here’s a gorgeous page by Miss Laura Vegas!

[ Shapes | Life Additions #2 (title) / This+That: Spring (flower) / Storyboard #6 ]

Oh that Miss Laura did one of my very favorite things!
I adore white on white! It gives it that faux embossed look. Yummmm. Love it!

Now, here is a little video that Laura created to show you how to manipulate your template!

And one other fun thing from Laura. I asked my fabulous creative team to share their
five favorite whatevers. And here’s Laura’s!


Okay. Next up?
Here’s what Laura wanted me to make.

It also comes with the word ‘thanks.’ Of course you can add whatever words you’d like.
Laura wanted to be able to use them on cards. :)

To download this for free TODAY ONLY, click HERE.

Oops. The day is over, but you’ll be able to buy the set when the week is done.


So, some of you may have noticed a very scenic photo of mine on Facebook that I took this weekend. I told you I’d share some details, and now is that time.

A few months ago I signed up Zach, Kass and myself to participate in a photography excursion through the Conintuing Ed program of the local university. The destination? Capitol Reef (Utah). It’s about three hours from here and very scenic. We’d never been before so we were really excited to get to go and learn some great tips from some photography experts.

Sadly, because Zach’s Del Sol internship to Alaska started that same weekend, he couldn’t go. He was bummed to not be able to do both. But I have a hunch he’ll get to take a few good photos up in Juneau. ;)

Anyway, so off Kass and I went to far off lands. The great thing about Utah is its diversity in scenery. Salt Flats, to majestic mountains with rolling rivers, to wind+rain created red-rock hills and mountains. We were in the latter. Come to find out, the people putting on this little shindig were from our local camera shop…who I’ve gone to several times over the years for my special photos and camera repairs. They have always been wonderful to work with!

Our main teacher was Rex Allen (as well as Tony+Justin who were amazing too). Through conversation, while we were all together, Rex asked if I knew Jessica Sprague.

Um. That would be a YES!

Rex is the owner of

and they partnered with Jessica to bring you a printing site from within
You can find that HERE.
And HERE are some details about printing from

Can you say small world???

And you know, all you photo template fans that like to take your templates to get printed? And there are templates with odd sizes? And often when you send it to a printer they maximize the entire space of the photo size you chose so it cuts it off? And so then you need to save something like a 5×10 template on an 8×10 page so it won’t do that? Yeah. These goes don’t do that! YAHOO! You just need to put in the Special Instructions to ‘Print Full Frame’ and they’ll take that 5×10 template photo and put it onto an 8×10 and leave the 1.5 white space on each side. Can you say Hallelujah?! :)

Here’s a little somethin’ about them just so you can get to know them better too!

As professional printers we take great pride in printing high quality prints for our customers.  Each order is done and inspected by hand to make sure that everything looks great!  We mostly print 12×12 & 8×8 scrapbook pages – which are printed on true photographic paper.  This is awesome because it gives your print archival qualities making them water proof, scratch resistant, and have a shelf life of over 100 years without fading!  What a great way to preserve your memories!! :)  We also offer other great services in addition to our fabulous prints such as gallery wraps, metal art and photo cards and many more.  We offer 100% money back guarantee – if for any reason you are not satisfied we will reprint your print or refund your money.  Honestly, we just LOVE what we do!!  Hard drives fail – so preserve your precious memories by getting them printed and being able to enjoy them with your family and friends for years to come.  

And so what do you think when you get two minds like that together on a week like this?

Uhhhh . . . yeah.
That would be this:

They are graciously giving one lucky winner an 11×14 gallery wrap.
It would look something like this (baby not included ;) ):

Can you imagine giving that away as a Mother’s Day gift?
How perfect would that be??

To enter, leave a comment in today’s post with your name and where you’re from
(U.S. residents only again–sorry),
and I’ll draw a winner on THURSDAY morning.

And don’t forget that yesterday’s Project Life giveaway is still going and ends tomorrow!
Check it out in yesterday’s post.

And I will share more photos later of my trip…on account-a the post just gets even longer than it is, but here’s a photo of one of the places we saw, Temple of the Sun….and Temple of the Moon is to the left of it. The whole trip was a lot of fun and if you live locally, you should do it next year. We also did light painting and star trails, which were cool. I’d never done it before. Like I say, I’ll share more on all my trip next week some time. But for now, take a gander at this leave-at-4-am-go-over-hill-and-dale-in-the-dark-on-the-dirt-road-less-traveled photo. Seriously, that road was crazy! Let’s just put it this way, Rex wanted people with 4-wheel drive to drive that 26-mile dirt road. I can see why. ;)

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