…introducing the new Silhouette Studio Designer Edition class!

I would have to say that since I started teaching Silhouette classes
that this is by far the most requested item I hear about.

And now?

It’s here!

We’ll be learning allllll sorts of cool tips and tricks with this baby!

Not only will we be diving into what’s new and the added features,
but I’ll show you how to use some of  them beyond what they are really intended for.


I’m constantly amazed at what Studio + now the Designer Edition can do!

We’ll talk about the more extensive Eraser+Knife tools as well as the new Shear tool.

I’ll show you how to work with the Rhinestone + Sketch tools and how to use them in other ways.
(please note: you don’t have to have these items to do the class)

The Fill Pattern feature?
Yeah. Three words:
Great Googlie Mooglie!

It’s gonna knock your socks off.

And, of course, we can’t forget the ever popular importing of the SVGs!

The class is normally $30, but it’s at the Intro price of $25…
so you save $5 if you sign up before the class ends the first week.

To register, click HERE.

There is a highly suggested prerequisite. Because all classes build off one another, you should 
have at least taken the Silhouette 2 class (Oh The Places You’ll Go).
I would highly recommend taking both 1+2 though, if you haven’t taken any.
Sooooo many people have said that they thought they knew Silhouette and still learned
a lot…even in the first class.

So now would be the time to catch up on those–before DE1 starts!

It’s self-paced so you can sign up now and watch them whenever it fits your schedule.
I know there’s a lot of the end-of-the-school-year festivities going on right now.

Class starts June 4.

If you haven’t purchased the Designer Edition, there’s THIS thread going on
over at Two Peas about how you can get a discount. But you need to move fast on that!
I will always keep an eye out for any discounts that I might find. But you could still sign up and
watch+learn (to save ya the $5) until you purchase  your own DE license key…if’n ya want to wait
for a discount on the program. It’s normally $50.

And now, what would be an introduction of a new class without having one of these?

That’s right baby!

I’m giving away TWO spots to my new class!

To enter, just leave a comment here in this post with your name and where you’re from
and I’ll draw the two winners tomorrow!

(and you may want to check out Facebook too. ;) )

k. I’m just really excited about this class!
(i think i say that about every class….lol)

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