no pun intended. ;)

I can’t believe class starts on Monday! I’m just a little enthusiastic at the fun that you can have with Silhouette Studio’s Designer Edition. You’ll be able to ‘live’ that enthusiasm with me when you watch the videos. lol

We’ll be making some really cool things and I’ll teach ya how to use the rhinestone and sketch tools for something other than what they are intended for. Gotta love it when you can multi-purpose…well….anything!

The class is available to buy/watch forever and ever. It’s self-paced, so there’s no official ‘class time’ that you have to be there for, which is sweet. I love it because I was watching the videos on my iPad outside in the cool evening breeze. I just love listening to myself talk too….NOT! lol

And if you’re not a Facebook fan (uh, ya should be. ;) ), I posted a few of the freebies that I always do for each class. They are an exclusive set that comes with the class. Generally, it’s a $10 value, so add that to the five bucks you save if you sign up by the time class starts and  you’ve made yourself a pretty good bargain. If you’ve signed up, those endorphins should have been releasing nicely for ya because you got ‘a sale’. (Scientific fact: women release endorphins when getting a good deal. That’s why we feel so good when we shop. lol)

It’s not too late to save those few dollar. You can click HERE to sign up.

But if you missed the sneak peek, here they are.

I’ve been having fun with my iPad, by the way. Been using it with the Adobe Touch (scaled down AI) and Bamboo Apps. While I did have a tablet to draw with, it’s a few years old and I never could get it to really work well. I’ve done a few handwritten words or images here and there over the years, but it was always just too hard. But with my iPad….LOVE IT! Add the Adobe Cloud or just the fact that you can quickly email an image with the click of a button….sweet!

Yeah, so guess what you’ll be seeing more of from me in the near future. ;)

What I’m wondering is where the future will go with technology. If that little iPad is just on the brink of  greatness in the App world with photos and drawing…where will it be in the next five years…or year even.  I can’t wait!