You know. It’s been a crazy past few months.

So many things that I’ve been wanting to get done, but my classes kind of ruled my life for a bit.

I have a big to-do list.

Some things I’ve had on my list since last summer even.

You know that song, ‘Let’s Get It Started’?
Yeah, I need to modify it to ‘Let’s Get It Finished.

I’ve started soooo many new kits that I just need to get done.

Here’s a sneak at a few things on my ‘to-do’ list–or rather–‘to get finished’ list:

  • Handwritten days and months (yeah, started that a few weeks ago while getting my hair done).
  • Birthday kit (too embarrassed to say when that one was started)
  • Life Additions kit
  • Storyboard kit (so close to being done…maybe tomorrow?)
  • Dog kit
  • Cat kit
All these things . . . in the works. Hopefully I can buckle down and get them done finally! I was waiting to get my new version of Adobe Illustrator (CS6) to work on a few things that I hear tell work much better in the newest version. So far, what I was messing with does work better. Happy ’bout that.

On another note–my family that was here for a week has returned home to sunny California. It was fun getting to spend time with my dad, step mom and niece. It’s a great excuse for the entire family to get together here. Good times. :)

Now. I guess it’s time to back to work.

I’ve got my pen in hand . . . ever-so ready to cross off those things on my to-do list. :)