It’s true.

I don’t know about you, but I can never have enough of these.

It’s almost like having one for any occasion that may occur.

They are truly my favorite thing to scrap with.

Here’s the latest!

Price: $9

There is a mix of ten storyboards in this one.
 A couple of 12×12 that would be awesome to slip into a page protector for a vacation or event!

As usual, you can resize these to whatever you’d like.
It’s best to resize it before putting your photos if you’re gonna go bigger.

Also, as usual, all sizes and the amount are listed as part of the filename, along with the kit name.

If you’re going to send it to a photo printer, many photo printers will try to expand the template so that it will fit the paper size format you’re printing it on. So a little tip, after you’ve created your new JPG, try placing it on a set paper size, like 8×10, 5×7, etc., and resave it in that new size–white space and all. That way the photo developer will look at the size of the photo in it’s ‘true form’ and print accordingly without resizing. Just make sure your new file is set to 300 dpi too.

And on another note, if you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know about all the fires going on here in Utah. Jordan was at girls camp and got evacuated (volunteer/non emergent at the time) and came home yesterday morning–after taking her up the afternoon before. Luckily our neighbor has some property in another mountainess area and let the whole stake (about 10 wards/congregations) of girls ages 12-18 to go up there. Not sure how many total that is, but there’s around 25 in ours. How generous for her to do that.

I’ve been watching for clips of whether or not the fire has gone the way of Camp Mia Shalom. I went there as a child as a young girl too–30 years ago. We had to take Jordan to drop her off and it was just soooo pretty. I can’t imagine if it were to get in the path of the fire. It already looks like it was in Huntington Canyon (not too far away). Gorgeous canyon! Dan and Zach loooove fishing there. Here’s a photo from when Zach and I took Jordan up to camp last year. I hope it won’t look different when we go up there again. It’s one thing when it burns the sage brush, but when it gets into meadows, pine trees and aspen trees…all that time that it’ll take to grow again? Sadness.

Here’s hoping it still looks like this . . .