Last night, the girls and I went to see Singin’ In The Rain. A one-night special event to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the movie. We were thrilled when we saw the ad for it when we went to see The Avengers. Otherwise, we probably wouldn’t have known.

All I can say is . . . what a treat.

Makes me want to see more and more classics in the theater. We started naming off a few that we’d like to see–West Side Story, the one Jordan mentioned, would be really cool to see. I don’t necessarily like all the numbers, but it sure has some amaaaazing ones! I can remember seeing The Sound Of Music in the theater when I was a kid–for what I believe would have been a 10th anniversary special. That’s a good one on the big screen too.

Not only was it just fun to see Singin’ In The Rain  on the big screen . . . and hear some interviews and behind-the-scenes, but it was wonderful to see it with an audience.

The laughter.

The applause after the big numbers.

The excitement at seeing something with others who love a good wholesome musical too.

Something that you can see with your kids and know that you don’t have to worry about the one f-word that they feel compelled to throw into a PG-13 movie. Why do they have to do that?

The Golden Era for sure.

I love a good musical. My girls do too.

If you ever have the opportunity to do something like that, I highly recommend it. :)