Ever since I started teaching Silhouette classes on JessicaSprague.com, one of the biggest questions I get is, ‘Will you ever offer the extra shapes that you make for the class available on your website?’

This question has plagued me for some time.
I’ve pondered and pondered . . . and then pondered some more.

These are perks for taking the class.
They are free . . . just for fun.

But there are many people that either know Studio pretty darn well or they use other cutters and therefore, don’t need to take the class, but would love those fun extras.

I try to maintain an ‘equal opportunity’ status on my site because I like for everyone to have a chance to play.

That’s why I’ve decided to offer the extra shapes from the Silhouette #2 class (Oh The Places You’ll Go) and the Designer Edition class for this week only. Then they’ll go back into the vault and may come out on another special occasion. But who knows when that will be.

So, if you’ve been a-wantin’ either set of these shapes,
you’d best be gettin’ them now!

And you might want to spread the word, because it will be a while before they are offered again.
Just givin’ fair warning. ;)

[ Comes in SVG/STUDIO/AIv8/DXF/PNG ]

Price $10.69 *

*Now, that may seem like a funny price. Technically these aren’t suppose to be ‘on sale’. But due to the nature of the style of the sale going on this week, I’m pricing these at $10.69 so that when you apply the sale code, it will make it as close to the ‘regular’ price as possible–which makes it $8.01 .

Make sense? :)

And if you didn’t see that card Shari Carroll made a month or two ago with these shapes . . .
here’s a wee refresher.

looooove it!

These two kits go back into the vault when the week is over . . . so don’t forget!

And now, how’s about a giveaway!

That’s right. Uh huh.

I’m giving away a class of your choice to three people!

To be entered, just leave a comment with your name and where you’re from!
Anyone, anywhere can win!

I will draw winners tomorrow morning.