Hello August 4!

So happy to see you!

It’s been a fabulous two years!

I can’t believe all that’s gone on here over the two years.

Let’s see, I’m at 129 kits.

I have a fabulous design team that just absolutely knocks my socks off with everything they make.
I love them dearly and don’t know what I’d do without their amazing talent. truly.

I’ve made friends from all of the world. Got my Aussie friends, my little Scottish friends, friends from Iceland, Vietnam, Russia, Saudi Arabia, France, England (hey UK…how’s those Olympics going? :)), Japan, South Africa, Canada, Dubai, Ukraine, Indonesia, Portugal, Brazil, Hong Kong, Israel . . . and . . . oh my goodness . . . just too many places to list! And I’m always giddy when someone new from some far off land comes along. It’s just makes me appreciate this modern life we live in– that we can all come together and become friends in so many virtual places. It’s taken the term ‘pen pal’ to a whole new level. :)

So to show my appreciation I’m doing the grand daddy giveaway of them all.

One for the US+Canada friends and one for the ‘Everywhere Else’ friends!

I know you know I love giving stuff away! :)

To be entered, leave your name and where you’re from and I’ll draw a winner tomorrow!

Now, I thought it would only be fitting if I shared some fabulous stuff from over the past two years.

It’s been an amazing two years.

Thank you. Thank you all!

Oh, and just a reminder, the sale will end tomorrow. And the two ‘class extra’ kits will go away (back into the vault) on Sunday too!

[ this contest is now closed. ]