The background.

When I started my little business, I made sure I wasn’t breaking any rules. And even with the latest Studio License Agreement, from how I–and others I know–understand it to be, is that it’s you aren’t allowed to create your art file in the program and sell it. Since I created my art in Illustrator, this did not seem to be an issue.

Well, it’s two years later and Silhouette has informed me that third-party people are not allowed to sell Studio files according to the license agreement. Their position is that it’s any .STUDIO file made, regardless of its creation origin.

What does this mean for all my peeps?

It means, you can still purchase DXF and SVG files from me (and other sources) and still use them in Studio. It means that you can import DXF files singly into your Library with the standard Studio and you can import singly or drag+drop multiple DXF or SVG files into your Library using the Designer Edition.

It’s not as if this change inhibits other artists from making wonderful art for people to use with their Silhouette. You can still access all the amazingness out there. You just can’t get it in the form of a .STUDIO file. 

What changes will you see here at KBS?

Well, to comply with their request, I will be going through and removing all Studio files from my kits. It will take a little time, but will be done within the next week. There will still be all the other file formats, which can still be used in Silhouette. And, just so you know, I did ask for ‘written consent’ per the license agreement, but to no avail.

I will continue to produce amazing art to use with your little nugget of cutting goodness and I will continue on having a fabulous design team to show it all off. You will always be able to find art to work with your Silhouette–or any of your cutting machines–right here on I will also continue creating YouTube videos and classes to share all the wonderfulness that is Silhouette. The only thing really changing here is the lack of .STUDIO files in the kits. You’ll just have to use the DXF or SVG (with Designer Edition) files instead.

What do I think about this?

Truth be told, I think it’s silly because it’s not like you can’t still use art from outside sources. With that being said though, I love my little machine. And I want my experience and your experience using Silhouette to be a happy and positive one. I will continue to be a huge supporter of this machine because it really is the best thing out there. I love it. Couldn’t craft without it–don’t wanna either. And their customer support is the best there is.

I’m hoping that one day they will ‘see the light’ and change their mind. I would like to see a change so that everyone can be truly 100% happy with their machine and the versatility that it has to offer. Versatility, after all, is why many people changed from Cricut to Silhouette, right? Versatility is what this machine is all about. And I like being a versatile kind-of gal. :)

So, if you were thinking of getting a kit and want to make sure you get it with the Studio files before they are removed, better get ’em now. :) But even if you don’t get them now, you can still use any kit available here in your Studio program by using the DXF and SVG files.

Thanks for all your continued support!
Love you guys!