Okay, so that’s the phrase that I’ve had in my head about today’s post.

We have this tendency to mock each other in our house  when one is having issues or wants. We extend our arm with palm facing the person, move it around in a circle and say, ‘It’s all about so-n-so.’ We do it in fun too. :)

Well, there is no mocking here. Just fun. Calling it like it is.

I love Becky Higgins.

And I am beyond thrilled that today’s post is all about Becky.

She has revolutionized a whole new way of recording memories.
It started with something so simple and has grown and grown.
So many styles and so many new gadgets and gizmos to help.

Wanna see what I just recently added to my PL stash?

Yeah. That’s some good stuff there!
I’ve been dying to use some of those new plastics!

And that big ‘no name’ box in the upper right is a Variety Pack.


Also got a Clementine edition and more of my very own Turquoise edition!
(If you didn’t know, I designed the Turquoise edition. :) )

Oh. Yeah.

If you haven’t heard about Project Life (what???), here’s a short little video that the folks over in the land of Becky made.

And then, to top it all off, she’s now doing a class at Big Picture Classes?

Ohhhh, it’s been so long since I’ve seen my little friend teach. I think it was maybe the very first CKU (holy cannoli). I am sooooo excited to be attending this one! Love her.

Have you got your seat yet? It all starts October 4.
All the fun details can be found HERE.


AND NOW . . . 

Let’s do one of these!

Who would like to win a pack of these babies???

Ohhhhh yeah. That’s right!

Leave your name and where you’re from (US only please)
and I will draw a winner on Thursday!

[ this contest is now closed. ]