It’s been a while since I just blathered on about different things. Today is as good as day as any, eh? ;)

Thing ONE.

I will be switching out the kits by morning. So today will be your last chance to get them with STUDIO files if you want them . . . unless by some small miracle the folks there at Silhouette will say, ‘Hey Kerri! Have we got a surprise for you! Here’s written consent for ya.’ Think it will happen? A girl can hope. ;)

Thing TWO.

(feeling a little like Cat in the Hat)
Dan was working a specialty job in Boise for two weeks. Since he went up with someone, he really had no mode of transportation. And since they weren’t done and he had things to do back at home, he asked that I go and get him. Yeah. Five hour drive. And because he didn’t really want to stay overnight there and spend a little day trip (he’d had enough), we’d thought about staying in Burley, which is two hours away. But then, what the heck, let’s just drive all the way back home…it’s only three hours more.

I was trying to remember when the last time I drove anywhere for that long just by myself–no kids or hubby. Two hours, maybe. But five? Not that it’s all that long, but it is kind of strange after all these years to drive by yourself for that long. I think the most I’ve ever driven completely by myself was 3 hours when I was in college. Back then (showing my inner geek here) I have to admit that I enjoyed plugging in my Carpenters cassette tape and singing along the whole way. Karen Carpenter was definitely in my vocal range.

And I’ve driven to Burley and back in one day–3 hours each way, but never anywhere that’s 5 hours away. Was that crazy or what? Not exactly how I planned to spend a Friday.

Thing THREE.

Well, it happened. Today is Jordan’s last first day of school . . .  one that she absolutely has to go to (not college). Crazy. And she’s crazy. Try getting a normal picture from this one.


She’s hoping that no one else has her backpack. They had some really cute ones in. . . a secret local place ’round these parts. ;) Let’s hope it lasts all school year long.

She just keeps saying, ‘Mom! I’m a senior!’

Thing FOUR.

The other day I did a little restock of candles. There’s always been one place that I buy my candles–for many, many years. And if you’re in Utah Valley, Ashman Candles is a fabulous place to get your candles! Not to mention, the regular price on the 25 oz. candle is only $15–and then when they go on sale? I think they are 10.50. Pretty sweet deal.

This one has got to be–by far–my most favorite candle scent ever . . . ever.

It’s called Romance and has got to be one of the freshest smelling candles. According to their website, they describe it as ‘Crispy cool cucumber enhanced with juicy melon blend that is perfect for any personal moment.’

Personal moment or not, all I know is that when spring rolls around, this is my candle of choice! I’ve been using it for maybe 15 years now? I dunno…for however long they’ve been in business. lol

It is divine.

Other favorites of mine? Pumpkin Spice aaaaand, it’s a ‘Christmas’ one that I don’t see on the site. But it’s a Cinnamon scent and it’s usually called something else during the year, but I buy it in the winter so it’s always Christmas something. I’m not a super sweet or super fruity kind-a gal. I also like Lemon Creme, particularly in the spring.

Thing FIVE.

Why is it a chocolate chip cookie only tastes the best on the day you make them? They just don’t have the same pizazz as that first day. Dang it. That’s just wrong.

Thing SIX.

What? What is this that I see? Is that . . . desk space? I haven’t seen that for soooo long. Oh desk space, how I’ve missed you! You’re just gonna get all messed up again here soon. It’s nice while it lasts….

And hopefully soon, the rest of my office will follow suit! Actually, I’m hoping to turn it into a ‘studio’ with an eclectic blend of old things. Here’s my latest item that I’ve acquired for the place.

The side on the left has a hint of pink in it. I need to figure out how to make it a little whiter looking. White wash? Anyone have any suggestions?But I loooove the aqua blue!

So, here’s the question for the day: how do you use a door when you like BOTH sides???