So, as many of you know, yesterday wasn’t the happiest of days for me. But with so much support from all of you, my day really turned around. You just have no idea what your support means. Truly.

I also decided to take a trip to Archivers to rejuvenate my mind. I needed that visual stimulation . . . and maybe part of it was just a diversion . . .  or denial. I dunno . . . it’s a toss-up. It was good though because I rarely hit the scrapbook stores anymore. And it was perfect timing because I wanted to add to my cardstock pile and it (+patterned paper) happened to be half off! Yay! A sale! I need all the endorphins I can get right now. lol

And then, this little nugget of gloriousness from Nichol showed up in my email.

[ Shapes | This & That Love (cupcake, cake stand) / This & That Autumn (scale, pie, pear, corn, pumpkin, title) / This & That Summertime (lemons) / This & That Family (pitcher) / This & That Spring (peas in a pod) / This & That School (books, apple) / This & That Gratitude (wheat) / Snapshots #1 (photobooth template)/ Escape (“good eats” title) / Educationish (apple)

Talk about a visual treat!
I look at it . . . and look at it . . . and I can’t even pick one part that’s my favorite . . .
 . . .it’s all my favorite!

I love how this week kind of turned into ‘what else can you do with the this+that kits’. 
It wasn’t even planned! :)

Here’s what Nichol has to say:

I’ve been wanting to create a recipe album for ages now. I’ve even started one a couple of times only to find it too hard to keep up with. I’m going the super simple route with this album. I designed the cover insert (4×4) and the title page (8×8) in this 8×8 red Doodlebug Album and then I’m using divided page protectors inside that will hold 2 recipe cards per page (or if I want to, a 4×6 photo and a 4×6 recipe card. I’m filling my album with all of our family’s most favorite home cooked recipes/meals.

I have said it before but I will say it again: I love looking at Kerri’s designs as individual pieces rather than part of a certain “themed” kit. This way I can mix and match designs to create one of a kind pages and projects. I would love to see a food themed kit sometime in the future (hint, hint! hee….) for even more foodie themed goodness!
The books from the This & That School Kit are one of my most used die cut designs. I get so much out of this versatile design. School pages for school “books” and for this page recipe “books”. You can change the theme by adding some fun stamping to the spine of the books for a custom embellishment.

To die cut all the small pieces for the die cut “scene” on my title page and cover, I used small sized designs on 6×6 sheets of patterned paper. The 6×6 paper pads so many manufacturers have to go with their collections are the perfect size for die cuts!
A few strategically placed dimensional embellishments (twine, ribbon, gems) and coordinating stickers complete the project.

And oh my freakin‘ heck!

About a year ago, my sweet Nichol asked me to do something in the recipe book arena.
Apparently she got tired of waiting and made something herself. lol
Yeah, hon. Sorry that never came to fruition . . . yet. :)

As I was getting ready this morning, I had a fabulous idea for some recipe cards!
(I always get my best ideas when getting ready for the day.)

Okay, so I’m just a little bit excited about this idea.
Have to do it now. Just gotta go with that inspiration when it strikes.

Look for it soon! Maybe Monday?