With the recent removal of Studio files from my kits per Silhouette’s request, I thought I might share some tips and tricks on using the DXF file format for those of you with the just the standard Studio edition rather than having the Designer Edition.

Tip #1

DXF files cannot handle Print+Cuts. When you bring them into Studio, they are only in an outline form. If you have the multiple file formats to work with, you can use the outline from the DXF image in conjunction with the PNG/JPG image. Just open both, copy one to the other and overlay them.

Tip #2

You can make changes to the way Silhouette imports DXF files into the program by going under Preferences/Import Options and choosing from three different types. Mine is set as shown (middle option):

Please note, if you don’t have the Designer Edition, you won’t see the SVG as an option on this screen.

Tip #3

Some images may be overlapped depending on how it was saved. If it’s not in color, it may not be as apparent. So when you look at the lines and it appears that something is darker, just click on part of the image to see if it moves (you may need to Ungroup it). Here is an example of what one could look. Look at the ‘flowers’ on the stems and notice not only how it’s thicker, but how if you were to cut it, it would cut into the lines of the stems. The thicker lines are a dead giveaway. :)


Tip #4

And last, but not least, I have a video that will show you a very fast work around so that you can do a mass dump of files that originate as DXF into your My Library.