Well, this weekend had a few unexpected surprises.

It started off with Dan getting this mostly finished . . . except for the hearth because he didn’t have enough product.

 He smears this stone product on over the brick of the old fireplace and former product that he did several years ago and then forms it into ‘stones’ like you see here.  The mantle is stone as well, but is precast into a foam mold and then we just laid it on top of the old brick. The mantle is kind of L-shaped to go over the top.

We’ve been wanting to put our tv on top of the mantle, but the former one we had was too high–the tv almost touched the ceiling. So before we had company come in June we decided to have Dan’s friend make us the mantle, but we didn’t get it for like a month later . . . during the time when company came the second time in July. :) Now the tv is about ten inches lower. Much better.

It’s soooo nice to not have the tv blaring into my ear in my office like it’s been for the past few months–the back faced me. And, now I can see the tv again. It’s the little things in life that make ya happy. lol

So it was really nice to see it all come together. Now we just need to do paint and get new carpet and figure out how to take care of all the wires. Getting excited to see this all come together.

So once we got the tv up where it was always intended when we bought it (at Christmas time), we had ourselves a bit of fun watching movies and such. Why does the location make it seem more like a theater? lol And one of Dan’s favorite things to do on Friday or Saturday nights is to listen to different types of artists on Pandora or by watching YouTube videos on his itty bitty iPod. So, we decided to introduce him to the internet tv so he could see it big and so that we could all hear it too.

That was kind of fun.

He introduced me to someone I’d never heard of before–and because he did Pandora, that’s how he found him. Technology. Gotta love that it can introduce you to so many other people out there. Anyone a blues fan? Have you ever heard of Eric Bibb?  I’m going to have to download some of his music today. Here’s one of the YouTube videos we watched. He’s got a really nice style! Listen to the words. Love it. My favorite is that singer/songwriter style–especially when it’s just a nice sounding guitar.

And speaking of things coming together, part of this whole ‘downstairs’ makeover is that I want to make my office into more of a studio. I want most of the things closed in cupboards and such so you just don’t see the mess when you are in the tv area. This is what my office currently looks like:

What I want to do is to no longer have that right side there in the photo above. It will open the area between the tv area and my office. Additionally, I want a counter with cabinets along the back wall, which is shown at the left under the window in the first picture. I want to do an eclectic blend of old things. And I just keep thinking how awesome it would be to have a wall of antique doors–like a screen door, a french door, wooden doors…just a wall of them. Don’t know if that will happen, but that’s what I’d love.

So ultimately, all my current desk furniture, is going bye bye. If anyone near Utah Valley is interested in buying it. . . email me. :) It’s really nice because as you can see, look how great the white stacking drawers work under there!

But now, this is the desk I’m shootin’ for.

I found it on this website HERE.

Of course, I ain’t sharin’ it with anyone–it’s mine, all mine! 
moowaah ah ah ah ahhhh….

And so speaking of getting ready of things. On a whim we went to The Four Chairs to see what kind of awesome bookcase they might have. We weren’t going to buy anything, just look. And while there is one there that I loooove, we just weren’t out to spend that kind of money that day. However, I did find this little number (ha ha) for my office! And everything was 10% off! Score!

I saw it and just had to have it for my office! I was afraid that if I let it stay there in the land of The Four Chairs that I would miss my opportunity in making it a fabulous edition to my soon-to-be studio. My love of big numbers and alphabets just consumed me with this baby! I’m thinking of buying some crystal knobs fore it too. I think that might look cool.

Oh, and then I needed to pick up one of these cake plates!

That’s just all sorts of fabulous, if you ask me!

And then on Sunday we did our normal going to church routine. In an LDS church we have something similar to a mass, but it’s called Sacrament Meeting. And rather than hearing from a pastor or a father, we hear from members of the congregation–they give a talk for 15 minutes-ish. Most of the time it’s fine, people share good messages and such, sometimes they are a wee bit on the boring side. But not yesterday. We had one couple that spoke and the message and testimonies they shared were just amazing. They mostly spoke on the atonement of Christ. They are a very musical family as well, and he sang a song as part of his talk. This was the song he sang. It was beautiful. Again, just listen to the words.

Truly, one of the best sacrament meetings I’ve been to in a while. So uplifting. And she just called to be in the Primary Presidency with me (I’m the secretary). We’d lost two of our counselors and she’s one of the replacements.

And our ward choir sang too. Loved the words in this one as well. I’m tellin’ ya…it was just an amazing meeting.

I tried to find a version that was similar to how it was sung. It’s close, but of course, in a choir setting, it sounds so much more full. :) I’d hoped there was some Mo-Tab (Mormon Tabernacle Choir) version out there, but there wasn’t one I could find.

Feeling so much better about life–it’s amazing how church can do that.
Feeling like my downstairs is coming together.
Feeling good all around.
Now, no one better spoil it for me. ;)