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I think that’s got to be one of my favorite words.


It can be something big, like seeing your kids all together after five months (Zach just got home from Alaska last night), or something very simple like a cool fall morning, sitting by the open front room window, feeling the breeze and seeing the shadows of the lilac bush dance across the walls and floor.

There is just way too much in this life to enjoy.

 I feel like it’s a positive word.

One that can up lift your spirits.

One that can help turn your mood around when you feel like life is against you.

Think about what you enjoy.

I won’t even talk about the Dr. Pepper I’m enjoying right now.

I really think it makes you feel grateful for what you have.

Look at the positive.

Enjoy means: to get pleasure from.
How you can you not find things that you get pleasure from?

And that’s why I made the word ‘enjoy’ in the Pack Your Bags kit.
One of my favorite things to do is travel, and there’s a lot of enjoyment to be had there!

Of course,  like I say, there’s way too much to enjoy.

And this card from Miss Laura is definitely enjoy-able!

[ ShapesThis & That: Love (cupcake) / Pack Your Bags (enjoy) ]

truly scrumptious, i must say.
and i truly enjoy things that are scrumptious. :)

All that confetti?

Now tell me. Who wouldn’t enjoy getting that card???

Here’s what Laura has to say:

I am constantly in need of birthday cards, and never seem to have enough on hand when I need them. So I thought I would whip up some quick and easy cards to have on hand. I’ve been wanting to try out the confetti trend that is so popular these days, and thought it would be fun to add to the top of a cupcake. I used the cupcake from Kerri’s This & That: Love [just shapes] kit. I cut the bottom part of the cupcake from patterned paper, and the top part from vellum. My intention was to put the punched confetti under the vellum and sew around the edges, but it didn’t work out so well for me. So I ran the vellum part of the cupcake through my Xyron, so that the entire piece was covered in adhesive. Then I sprinkled punched confetti over it, and pushed it all down to cover the piece. The word “enjoy”, from Kerri’s Pack Your Bags kit, was perfect for my sentiment.




And now, for the winners of the two seats in my Just Add Color class?

DEBBIE – SEPTEMBER 27, 2012 – 12:38 PM
Looks like a great class! I’ve done the Silhouette classes and they are terrific. Debbie from Fernandina Beach, FL

Ooooh pick me pick me!!
Love your blog and classes.
I’m from Sunderland which is in the North of England. The UK.

Congratulations ladies! Email me at kerribradford@msn.com with your Jessica Sprague login name and I’ll get you all hooked up!

And if you didn’t per chance win, go and sign up HERE today! I’m sure it’s something you will enjoy!  :) Class starts in just about a week!

And be sure to tune in here next week, starting Monday! There will be some spooky things to enjoy for sure!

i’ve got that saucy feeling again!

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Don’t know why, but today I’m feelin’ the urge to give away


in my next Silhouette Just Add Color class!

To be entered just leave a comment with your name and where you’re from and I’ll draw a winner on Saturday morning! Anyone anywhere can win!

If you want to read all the details about this class, go to Monday’s post HERE. If you want to sign up for the class, just click on the picture or HERE.

[ this contest is now closed ]

what do you do during the week?

September 25th, 2012|laura vegas, pages|

Before we get to our fabulous page today, I thought it would be fun to announce our winners for the new Just Add Color Silhouette class! By the huge response, it looks like y’all are just as excited about it as I am!

I also loved reading all your color choices! Lots of red and teal in there. Blue too. And I’m with y’all, my favorite color is just about all of them. Depends on my mood. Today I’m sporting a green sweater with my favorite staple….black. Black is so forgiving in fashion. And I need all the forgiveness I can get. :)

So, for the winners of the spot in the Just Add Color class. They are:

SUZ – SEPTEMBER 24, 2012 – 8:41 AM
Suz from Washington…and I love PURPLE! Just ask my kids. :) And if it is glittery, too…

MICHELLE MAC – SEPTEMBER 24, 2012 – 12:38 PM
This class sounds awesome – I am so in love with my Silhouette!
I’m Michelle from New Zealand and my two favourite colours are pink and lime green together.

CHERYL :) – SEPTEMBER 25, 2012 – 7:54 AM
Sounds like so much fun!!!
Cheryl / Keytesville, MO

Congratulations ladies! Email me at kerribradford.com with your JessicaSprague.com login name and I’ll get y’all hooked up!

Now, to the page by Miss Laura!

Sometimes don’t you wonder what you did all week? You know you’re busy, but when you look back, you have no idea what you did? Have you ever thought to record it? You know, my great grandfather used to keep a tiny little journal with bullet points about what he did every day. Nowadays we can record it with photographs along with text. Love that. I’m sure that when he kept those notes that he thought his life was so boring and ordinary. But believe you me, his posterity has enjoyed hearing about his life!

I think that’s what’s so great about Project Life. Simply journaling with photographs–the day to day or monthly events.

But if Project Life is a little much for you, try breaking it down into bite-size pieces and record a week in your life once in a while. I did that for a CK assignment waaaaay back when. Like nine or ten years ago. I love that I captured that little moment of time.

Well, that’s what Laura has done here in her page. She talks about and photographs what she does in a week in her life of daycare. One day I’m sure she won’t be doing daycare anymore. Can you imagine how precious those photos will be? And to all her posterity?

Very important.

Let’s take a look-see, shall we?

[ Shapes | Today (weekdays) / This & That: School (clock) / This & That: Family (frame) ]

( Just have to add a little p.s. here. I recently made an arrow for a project, similar to the one she used. I thought it was so weird when I saw it on her page! So when you see it come along, just know that what she used here isn’t the same one–but it looks a lot like it! lol )


I love how she used the days of the week for this page! It all looks so fun together!
A fabulous creation, my dear Miss Laura!

Here’s what Laura hast to say:

When Kerri came out with her Today kit, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the days of the week words. I thought they would be fun to use on a layout about my work week. I cut each day of the week from a different pattern paper, and arranged them on my page. I also cut some frames from Kerri’s This & That: Family kit, and sized some photos to fit under each frame. I adhered the frames using mini pop dots for a bit of dimension. I wanted to use the “It’s A Good Day” sticker on my layout, and thought that the viewfinder look of the sticker would look perfect added to the center of the clock from the This & That: School kit.



Brand new class: Just Add Color

September 24th, 2012|classes|


That’s right boys and girls! I’ve got a brand new class a-comin’ on JessicaSprague.com! It starts October 8 and you can sign up for it HERE right now!

I am so excited about this class! I have been dreaming of this class for a long time . . . a very long time. Did I say a looooong time? If you’ve followed me over the past few years, you already know what a fan I am of a white background. When I look back at my pages (and I just put away a rather large stack not too long ago), a good chunk of them have white backgrounds.

They are pretty much, without a doubt, some of my very favorite pages.

They are clean.

They are classic.

They are timeless.

Here’s my philosophy on the color white.

If white is all the colors in the world, then what better foundation could there be for your pages than white?

They make every color you use pop off the page. Your accents, your patterned paper pieces, and most importantly . . . your photos.

So that’s where we start with this class.

A clean + fresh palette to work our magic.

And now all we need to do is Just Add Color.

So within the class I’ll be sharing some color+design secrets ‘according to Kerri’. Sharing some fun resources, making color palettes, and the most important part–utilizing our new color fun in Silhouette using the color tools and all the other fun tools to make great accents for your pages.

i can’t wait.

Now, this class is chock-full of creative goodness! It has five lessons and each lesson will have multiple tasks in each one. As usual, everything you need–digitally speaking–for the lessons is included. And the icing in the cake? The freebies! That’s ‘on top’ of what we use in the class, so it really is appropriately ‘the icing.’ :)

Oh, and then the sweet colorful sprinkles on top of the icing would be some surprise goodness from the talented Nichol Magouirk! You can only see those babies in the class! She’ll show you what kind of foundation her white cardstock provides for her! LOVE them!

It’s self-paced so you can start whenever you’d like and come and go as you please. I would definitely call this more of an intermediate class. You should really have a good understanding on how to use the basics in Studio. And it doesn’t matter if you have the Standard or the Designer Edition . . . it will all work the same.

so excited.

And you know what happens when I get all happy and giddy, don’t ya?


That’s right. I’m giving away THREE spots in my class!

To be entered, just leave your name, where you’re from, and your favorite color and I’ll draw a winner Tuesday!

[ this contest is now closed. ]

there’s no escaping

September 20th, 2012|nichol magouirk, pages|

Halloween will be here before you know it.

And I have a confession. After putting up the This+That: All Hallows’ Eve kit, I felt compelled to put up the rest of the Halloween decor  . . . compelled I tell you! :)

And it is done.

So of course when I saw this cute little number from Miss Nichol,
I was tickled . . . well . . . orange (can’t be pink, ya know).

[ Shapes This & That: All Hallows Eve (“carpe noctem”, coffin, bats, moon, pumpkin, fence) / Subway Art: Halloween (“there is no escaping”) / This & That: Halloween (gravestone) / This & That: Autumn (leaves) / Picture That [Squared] (photo template)

You may remember that she started this mini album of yearly Halloweens last year.

 Pure eye candy . . . or Halloween candy, whichever you’d prefer. 
totally love it.

Here’s what Nichol has to say:

I’m slowing beginning to work my way through the [Halloween Costumes album] I started last year, featuring the costumes my kids have worn throughout the years. I knew when I saw Kerri’s latest This & That: All Hallows Eve kit that the coffin would be the perfect addition to the page featuring my oldest 2 kids in vampire costumes!

For my page, I ungrouped the Halloween Subway Art, keeping only the phrase, “There is no escaping” and positioned it in the Silhouette Software using the Grid feature so I could make sure it cut exactly where I wanted it to. I ran my 8×8 sheet of patterned paper through my machine giving me the negative part of the die cut image. I backed the phrase with scraps of patterned paper.

Next I layered on all my die cut pieces, creating a fun Halloween “scene” for the left side of the 2-page spread and used an 8×8″ photo template for the right side of the page, completely filling it with photos from the night.

I kept additional embellishments to a minimum as the die cuts were embellishment enough for this fun page!

And now, for the winner of the seat in Becky Higgins’ new class:

 [insert drumroll here]

Love Becky!
Thanks for the awesome pop to win a seat in her class!
Crossing my fingers!
-Kristin B.

Congratulations Kristin! Email me at kerribradford@msn.com and I’ll get ya all hooked up!

giveaway: ‘project real life’ class seat!

September 18th, 2012|Uncategorized|

I have known the darling Miss Becky Higgins for…gosh…how many years has it been Becky? Let’s see….I think I first met her around the year 2000.  I can’t remember for sure. It’s been quite a few years regardless. But I have a funny story about our early years. It was during one of the first CKUs in Provo and Becky and I already knew each other. I was meeting some other friends that had come into town for dinner at the ever-so tasty Los Hermanos down in Provo. I had some product to give to the girls and was carrying some scrapbook supplies out of my car, to give to one of them, when this young man comes up to me and says, “Are you a scrapbooker? There’s Becky Higgins!!!

All I have to say is, poor Becky. What brother would do that to his sister???! lol
(I do believe it was Andrew that did this in case you ever want to retaliate Becky. )

What he didn’t know is that I already knew Becky. So, the joke was really on him because he didn’t get the screaming crazed fan reaction that he thought he would. (hee hee snicker snicker snort)

Since then we’ve chatted many-a times on email, run into each other at weddings and missionary talks, seen each other at CK and tradshows, sat by each other and supported Lisa Bearnson on Oprah–riding in a limo and everything, worked together during the Kit of the Month days, and most of all—worked on an amazing concept of Becky’s called: Project Life.

Not only  was I there during the first concepting of her amazing idea, but I also worked with her to do the Turquoise Edition of Project Life.

This girl has a wonderful talent for trying to keep things simple and organized. You remember her sketches, don’t you?

She truly has a gift.

She has a gift to create solutions for making memory keeping simple. To capture the every day, the big day, and every day in between.

Anybody can do Project Life and do it in their own way. It doesn’t have to be done daily. It can be done weekly or monthly or just because. I like to refer to it as modern-day journaling. Only instead of all the writing, you get to have it in storybook form–with pictures . . .  and ephemera . . . and notes . . . and on and on and on.

What an amazing idea.

And now, Becky has created a brand new class on Big Picture Classes called Project Real Life.

What is this Project Real Life class’ you say?
Here is a quote from her class page:

“Whether you’re a long-time Project Lifer or you’re just now hearing about Project Life, you will love learning about the guilt-free philosophy behind this system of memory-keeping. While Becky will give you plenty to think about and do during the 12 weeks of this workshop, she has no intentions of overwhelming you. This is based on her belief that that there isn’t a person that exists who really “does it all” — and this should be the last thing that we expect from ourselves.”

Guilt free. I love it.

I am attending this class.

I am excited.

Wanna attend to?

Becky has graciously allowed me to give away
one seat in her class that starts on October 4.

Can we give a big shout out and say YAHOO!

To be entered, just leave your name and where you are from and I will draw a winner Thursday morning.


And if you don’t win? You can still get into her class HERE.
Here’s what her class includes:

  • An exclusively-designed set of Project Life cards (3″ x 4″ and 4″ x 6″) that will not be available anywhere else!
  • Access to a pre-classroom with a presentation from Becky upon registration for class
  • Colorful instructional handouts with step-by-step instructions for each lesson/project
  • Voice messages, slideshows and videos throughout class
  • Three live chats with Becky
  • Welcome notes from Becky in the classroom
  • Reminder emails when the classroom is updated with new materials
  • Message board to share your thoughts with your classmates
  • Private posting gallery to share your work and view the work of your classmates
  • Supplylist with live links to product resources


Excited, I tell ya! You will looooove taking this class from this ever-so talented lady. The way her mind works is just fabulous. She will inspire you. She will encourage you. She will get you excited to document your life. She just won’t do your dishes . . . sorry. ;)

Love this girl. And if you’ve never had the opportunity to take a class from her? Now’s your chance to ‘fall in love’ with her too.

Hope to see ya there!

[ this contest is now closed ]

a birthday surprise!

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Well folks, Dan turned the big 5-0 on Thursday and I am 46 tomorrow.
We usually refer to this time as our birthday week.
I don’t usually have issues with birthdays, but I do think it’ll be weird to turn 50.
Sorry hon. ;)

And, as with most birthdays ’round these parts,
I like to celebrate by doing something fun on my site.

This year?
How’s about a bit of a sale!

Now, I tried to get my dumb store to work it to exclude my brand new Halloween kits because I don’t normally put the brand new kits on sale–especially when preordering + purchasing just occurred a couple days before. But no matter what I did, I could not get it to work right.

so . . .

More birthday goodness will be spread today as I return $3 back to those that have purchased the brand new Halloween kit so that you can benefit from this as well. :) One day I will have a real store and it will work like it’s suppose to. (Just give me a couple days to do that though.)

And you may want to check out my Facebook to see what’s goin’ on over there!

this+that: all hallows’ eve

September 13th, 2012|this and that|

Wow. I haven’t made one of these kits since before last Christmas! I have to admit, it’s been kind of fun making a new one, even if they do take some time to do. :) I do love seeing it all come together and I was excited to create a brand new Halloween kit. The last Halloween kit was my very first This+That. I can’t believe it’s been two whole years! That’s just crazy to me.

So without further ado, here is the This+That: All Hallow’s Eve!

Okay, I have to admit, I think one of my favorite shapes is the creepy hand. I think there’s some fun to be had with that shape!

Here’s a few tips about the kit.

Carpe Noctem.
Adhere in this order: spider web, completed hat, ‘seize the night’, and ‘carpenoectem.’ I decided I wanted my hat to go a little more to the left, so I trimmed off just a tiny piece.

All Hallows’ Eve.
Adhere scarecrow and then title. Please note, the scarecrow and crow are two separate images in the regular files, but you can combine them if you want that look on a different page. Add three gems vertically to the upper-right corner.

Broom Parking.
If desired, wrap string around the bristle part instead of the provided shape. Adhere stick and tie string at top, if desired. Adhere title, broom, then label.

Even though I included the seeds on this apple in the cut file, they are teeeeeeeny tiny and I didn’t even use them on mine. But they are there if you want to use them on bigger projects.

Assemble top part of the coffin together: grey base, brown outline, and cross. Adhere that to black backing–just slightly off to give the appearance of the main part of the coffin. Tuck hand under the top coffin piece, making sure that it does not exceed the orange background space. Add ‘don’t open that door’ and staple at left edge.

Adhere fence to background. Tuck the wrist part of the hand behind the ‘ghost’ flashcard and adhere to page. Staple at left edge of flash card.

Adhere moon so that it goes over the ‘starburst’ design in the upper-left corner. Adhere witch and bats as shown. Add a star gem.

Adhere black pumpkin outline to orange pumpkin piece and adhere to background. Adhere ‘eek’ in lower right corner, along the bottom edge. Adhere cat so that the back leg stands on the right part of the ‘k’.


You can use this kit with many of the digital craft cutters out there, such as Silhouette, Pazzles and Cricut. Anything that can use an SVG/DXF/AIv8 file. If you are using Cricut, you’ll need to use something like Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) or Make The Cut (MTC). These programs allow you to use SVG files with your Cricut. However, Provo Craft has made it so these two programs cannot work with the Cricut anymore, so if you didn’t get either program purchased earlier in the year (like spring 2011), then you won’t be able to use it with Cricut.

And if you don’t have a digital craft cutter? No worries. You can create it digitally! There are PNG/JPG files in this kit as well.  THIS POST has some great information on how to do that.

Distribution and Use of the File

I’ve had to use alternate file saving choices with my This & That kits. It comes as a link to a ZIP file, so unzip the file once you’ve saved it to your hard drive.  If you are on a Mac, you can double-click the ZIP file and it will open automatically.
There are two specific directories containing all the files needed to create the TRAY project as shown using printouts for some pieces and your digital craft cutter for the other pieces. One directory is called “TRAY Print Files” and the other is called “TRAY Cut Files.”
Most of the printables are straight cuts, so they should be easy to work with.

Here’s what you get:

  • Two printable composite files in PNG format only. These composite filenames start with “tt” to indicate the “This & That” project.
  • Two composite files of the cuttable shapes. These composite filenames also start with “tt”.
  • Individual cuttable files named according to the descriptive style of shape for easier sorting. These files are made for all uses and are not sized and trimmed for the 7gypsies tray.
  • The same cuttable shapes as PNG files for all you digital crafters.
Due to file size issues, there are no individual files for the printable images (in the composite files), with the exception of a few of the more ‘important’ images. I thought it might be nice to have them larger than the print file in case you wanted to use them on a larger scale. Use the Crop tool in your photo editing software with the composite printable files if you want to use them individually. There are also reverse images of the Halloween labels so that you can print black text on a colored piece of cardstock, if so desired.

The two printable composite files look like this. 

These files you print on your printer or take to your photo developer and trim using a paper trimmer or scissors as needed. Most of these are the background pieces for the slots of the 7gypsies tray.

They are saved as 8×10 files so you should be good to go if you are taking it to a photo developer.

The two cuttable composite files like this and may or may not be not in color.

Be careful for the teeny tiny pieces, like the hat buckle and the broom ‘string’. Also, you’ll notice I enclosed the spider in a square. It’s there strictly for weeding purposes. Since the legs can be delicate, I thought it best not to try and remove the shape from the entire sheet of cardstock, but rather, have it’s only little corner of the world to work with.

Because every program and every configuration may be different when bringing in the cut files, if you group them together, the Cut 1 file is 7.24″ wide and the Cut 2 files is 7.58″ wide.

Here’s a few more project tips:

  • Use a photo paper or presentation paper to print your printables at home. I like using Epson Ultra Premium Photo Paper (Matte or Lustre) or Epson Premium Presentation Paper (Matte). Or, take it to your local photo devleoper.
  • The printable background pieces can only fit into the square for which it was designed.
  • If you are using another machine besides the Cameo, try double cutting your images by copying and pasting the image on top of itself in your cutting software. That way you can be assured of a clean cut, especially on the small images. Another nifty trick is to use vinyl. It cuts nicely, plus you don’t need adhesive.
  • If this is your first time working with a This & That kit, HERE is some information on the magnets I use so that I can easily swap out the pieces all year long.

Where to find the tray.

While there are many places you can purchase the tray, you can find it on the 7gypsies website HERE or on Two Peas In a Bucket HERE. I purchased mine from Archivers. Note: I’ve discovered that all printer tray’s are not created equally, so you may have to trim a fraction off here or there. I usually set the back piece in its square first just to see if I’ll need to trim anything off.

Where to find the easel.

I get many of my home decor items at a local place called Rod Works and they sell online now too! You can find them HERE.
If you’re not a fan of doing the tray or getting the printales to use in other projects, but still want the shapes, you can get the ‘Shapes Only’ version as well.
Price: $10

And now, on a completely unrelated note, it’s this guy’s birthday today.
Shhh . . . he turns the big 5-0 today! He looks pretty darn good for his old age. ;)
Happy birthday darlin’! Love you!

This photo was taken down in the Jerusalem movie set. Most of those stones were ones he made–they aren’t real stones. Kind-a cool eh?

And on an even more unrelated note, it’s really weird when I’m listening to something and writing something and they are the same words–and they aren’t common words. I think the weirdest one of them all just happened as I was typing the sentence on Jerusalem. The song ‘Let The River Run’ by Carly Simon just came on and her opening lyrics were playing as I was writing it….they say ‘Let the river run, let all the dreamers wake the nation. Come, the new Jerusalem.’ Really???

I know. It’s freaky really. :)

more of the happy couple

September 11th, 2012|photography|

So a while back I shared a few photos of my nephew and his then fiance (now his wife). I didn’t want to share too many of the photos so that family members who were reading my blog would be surprised when they saw them all printed at the wedding. :)

I thought today would be a great day to share some more because they were such fun pics to take.
These are some of the ones they picked as their favorites.

I decided to share the vintage-ee looking style since it kind went with the theme of the day. And this first one is one of my faves–mostly because it was one of those impromptu shots as we were walking over to the other train. Tip #47: Always keep that camera ready because you never know what serendipitous photo op might come your way.

If you missed the others that I shared, you can find them HERE and HERE.

create. print. trim. save.

September 10th, 2012|cards, shari carroll|

We’re always looking for quick cards, eh?
Something that you can keep on hand and whip up when you need to send a note?

You know that the KBS shapes are good for cutting. 
But did you really ever think about using them digitally?

Check out this card from our little  Miss Shari.

[ Shapes | Best Thing Ever (title and flourish) / Recipe Cards (patterns/card base)

In Photoshop, Shari cropped the recipe cards to size and added the flourish to create the base.
Next she created a white panel with the greeting.
Then she added text to the label.

Once it was all created, she printed the components, trimmed them, and assembled them.


You could then save this as a card and have it on file for the next time you just need to whip something up!

love it!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3  . . . oh, and 4. :)