I think that's got to be one of my favorite words. enjoy.  It can be something big, like seeing your kids all together after five months (Zach just got home from Alaska last night), or something very simple like a cool fall morning, sitting by the open front room window, feeling the breeze and seeing the shadows of the lilac bush dance across the walls and floor. There is just way too much in this life to enjoy.  I feel like it's a positive word. One that can up lift your spirits. One that can help turn your mood around [...]

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i’ve got that saucy feeling again!

Don't know why, but today I'm feelin' the urge to give away TWO MORE SEATS in my next Silhouette Just Add Color class! To be entered just leave a comment with your name and where you're from and I'll draw a winner on Saturday morning! Anyone anywhere can win! If you want to read all the details about this class, go to Monday's post HERE. If you want to sign up for the class, just click on the picture or HERE. [ this contest is now closed ]

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what do you do during the week?

Before we get to our fabulous page today, I thought it would be fun to announce our winners for the new Just Add Color Silhouette class! By the huge response, it looks like y'all are just as excited about it as I am! I also loved reading all your color choices! Lots of red and teal in there. Blue too. And I'm with y'all, my favorite color is just about all of them. Depends on my mood. Today I'm sporting a green sweater with my favorite staple....black. Black is so forgiving in fashion. And I need all the forgiveness I [...]

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Brand new class: Just Add Color

  That's right boys and girls! I've got a brand new class a-comin' on JessicaSprague.com! It starts October 8 and you can sign up for it HERE right now! I am so excited about this class! I have been dreaming of this class for a long time . . . a very long time. Did I say a looooong time? If you've followed me over the past few years, you already know what a fan I am of a white background. When I look back at my pages (and I just put away a rather large stack not too long ago), a [...]

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there’s no escaping

Halloween will be here before you know it. And I have a confession. After putting up the This+That: All Hallows' Eve kit, I felt compelled to put up the rest of the Halloween decor  . . . compelled I tell you! :) And it is done. So of course when I saw this cute little number from Miss Nichol, I was tickled . . . well . . . orange (can't be pink, ya know). [ Shapes | This & That: All Hallows Eve ("carpe noctem", coffin, bats, moon, pumpkin, fence) / Subway Art: Halloween ("there is no escaping") / This & That: Halloween [...]

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giveaway: ‘project real life’ class seat!

I have known the darling Miss Becky Higgins for...gosh...how many years has it been Becky? Let's see....I think I first met her around the year 2000.  I can't remember for sure. It's been quite a few years regardless. But I have a funny story about our early years. It was during one of the first CKUs in Provo and Becky and I already knew each other. I was meeting some other friends that had come into town for dinner at the ever-so tasty Los Hermanos down in Provo. I had some product to give to the girls and was carrying [...]

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a birthday surprise!

Well folks, Dan turned the big 5-0 on Thursday and I am 46 tomorrow.We usually refer to this time as our birthday week.I don't usually have issues with birthdays, but I do think it'll be weird to turn 50.Sorry hon. ;) And, as with most birthdays 'round these parts,I like to celebrate by doing something fun on my site. This year?How's about a bit of a sale! Now, I tried to get my dumb store to work it to exclude my brand new Halloween kits because I don't normally put the brand new kits on sale--especially when preordering + purchasing [...]

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this+that: all hallows’ eve

Wow. I haven't made one of these kits since before last Christmas! I have to admit, it's been kind of fun making a new one, even if they do take some time to do. :) I do love seeing it all come together and I was excited to create a brand new Halloween kit. The last Halloween kit was my very first This+That. I can't believe it's been two whole years! That's just crazy to me. So without further ado, here is the This+That: All Hallow's Eve! Okay, I have to admit, I think one of my favorite shapes is [...]

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more of the happy couple

So a while back I shared a few photos of my nephew and his then fiance (now his wife). I didn't want to share too many of the photos so that family members who were reading my blog would be surprised when they saw them all printed at the wedding. :) I thought today would be a great day to share some more because they were such fun pics to take.These are some of the ones they picked as their favorites. I decided to share the vintage-ee looking style since it kind went with the theme of the day. And [...]

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create. print. trim. save.

We're always looking for quick cards, eh?Something that you can keep on hand and whip up when you need to send a note? You know that the KBS shapes are good for cutting. But did you really ever think about using them digitally? Check out this card from our little  Miss Shari. [ Shapes | Best Thing Ever (title and flourish) / Recipe Cards (patterns/card base) In Photoshop, Shari cropped the recipe cards to size and added the flourish to create the base. Next she created a white panel with the greeting. Then she added text to the label. Once it [...]

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