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Ya know, that’s my phrase. I have a tendency to ramble on and on, and so instead of continuing on with more words–because I know I’ve already said way too much, I usually blurt out ‘blah blah blah’ . . . or the immortal Seinfeld ‘yada yada yada.’

Those of us that never seem to know how to stop talking . . . is that something that starts from the very beginning? When we are little? I was the 4th child of 5, but technically a middle child as there was a gap between the two oldest and the three youngest. The middle child personality has a tendency to be the independent one, always just fending for themselves and taking care of things as they see needs to be done. Responsible. I know this is me. But if you are an independent person, wouldn’t that mean that you wouldn’t necessarily be the chatty one because you are always doing things by yourself? Or would that mean because you are often independent that you crave conversation when company is around?

Hmmm . . .

Well, I know my kids were chatty when they were little. I have to admit, whilst driving in the car and there little mouths were goin’, I’d do an ‘uh huh’ or a ‘yeah’ and not really know what they’d just said because I was submerged in my own thoughts. Uh oh kids, that secret is out. But you try listening to the constant ramblings of a youngin’ and you tell me how you fare. ;)

I think that’s what’s so appropriate about this page of Nichol’s. Totally fits the life of a toddler. But I do have to add here, that as your kids say those funny things, be sure to write them down, because you think you’ll remember them forever, but you don’t. Of course, there are always those that become a permanent part of the family vocab–like Cancablanca for us, which should be Casablanca–a hotel that we stayed at in Mesquite Nevada once. I don’t think we ever say Casablanca…and you wouldn’t think we’d have an occasion to say that, but we do say it from time to time. I know. Weird.


[ ShapesMonthlies (“September”) / Say What #1 (“Blah Blah Blah”) / Borderlines #2 (birds on wire) / Decade 2000 (“2006”) / Storyboard #3 (photo template) / This+That: Lucky (hanging bird cage) / This+That: Spring (tree) / This+That: Summertime (birdhouse) / This+That: Autumn (bird) / This+That: Gratitude (standing birdcage) / Flower Bouquet (flying bird, bird) / Hummingbird (freebies from the Silhouette class)

Of course the page is absolutely adorable. Love how Nichol used a photo template to get in so many photos of her little guy. And Nichol is the ‘Queen of Scenes’. She always works with such great detail. Love the combo here!

Here’s what Nichol has to say:

One of the ways I’ve found to get lots of photos scrapped that may not necessarily “carry” a page all on their own (you know those random photos we all seem to have every month/year/decade…ha!) is to group them together by month or season, etc. and drop them into Kerri’s photo collages and scrap them all together as a group for a big impact. Not only do I get those photos scrapped and in our family albums but I find little memories that I don’t want to ever forget!

This layout is a bunch of older photos from my youngest son’s 10th month. Lots of less than perfect photos but grouped together like this, you don’t “see” the imperfections but rather get a sense of the moment(s) as a whole. :) I love all these little memories making my heart full.

I happened across all these bird images while surfing through Kerri’s images the other day and thought they would look incredible grouped together like this to, again, make a big impact! I added a fun die cut title, tree and stamped images and banners plus a couple of stickers to complete the die cut scene.
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  1. Cassie September 4, 2012 at 12:46 pm

    Ha ha – we have one of those words the whole family says due to my son saying it wrong years ago. It’s Merote instead of Remote and that word is used very often in our tv watching’ house. Our extended family even uses the word Merote.

    Love Nichol’s layout!

  2. Sue Kment September 4, 2012 at 12:58 pm

    This is so cool! Could you tell me more about your photo collage templates? I am currently going through all 3 Silhouette classes and learning lots, but photo editing is really hard for me. I would love to do this in Silhouette!

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