I think one of the biggest questions I get is,

‘Are you going to make more This+That kits?’

That’s always such a loaded question. I mean, I don’t want to go to all the work (not the designing part) of making one for my tray and not use it again the next year. I love bringing out the next month knowing that I don’t have to make it again. And there are other This+That subjects that I have on my list to create as well, but I have no idea where the time goes.

So, as that taste of September started wafting my way a week or so ago, the urge to create a new Halloween kit was just itchin’ at me! I couldn’t put the thoughts away. And when something like that happens, I know I just have to roll with it. While I do love the original Halloween kit–it was my very first This+That kit two years ago–I felt like it would be fun to update it in color and shapes. I’ve seen the original for two years and now I’m thinkin’, let’s do some more fun things for this Halloween!

I’ve been giving you tiny little teases over the past week  or so,
and now today I bring you a larger sneak peek–and the announcement of–the new . . .

This+That: All Hallows’ Eve

ETA: This is now available and can be purchased HERE and HERE for the ‘ShapesOonly’ kit.