Wow. I haven’t made one of these kits since before last Christmas! I have to admit, it’s been kind of fun making a new one, even if they do take some time to do. :) I do love seeing it all come together and I was excited to create a brand new Halloween kit. The last Halloween kit was my very first This+That. I can’t believe it’s been two whole years! That’s just crazy to me.

So without further ado, here is the This+That: All Hallow’s Eve!

Okay, I have to admit, I think one of my favorite shapes is the creepy hand. I think there’s some fun to be had with that shape!

Here’s a few tips about the kit.

Carpe Noctem.
Adhere in this order: spider web, completed hat, ‘seize the night’, and ‘carpenoectem.’ I decided I wanted my hat to go a little more to the left, so I trimmed off just a tiny piece.

All Hallows’ Eve.
Adhere scarecrow and then title. Please note, the scarecrow and crow are two separate images in the regular files, but you can combine them if you want that look on a different page. Add three gems vertically to the upper-right corner.

Broom Parking.
If desired, wrap string around the bristle part instead of the provided shape. Adhere stick and tie string at top, if desired. Adhere title, broom, then label.

Even though I included the seeds on this apple in the cut file, they are teeeeeeeny tiny and I didn’t even use them on mine. But they are there if you want to use them on bigger projects.

Assemble top part of the coffin together: grey base, brown outline, and cross. Adhere that to black backing–just slightly off to give the appearance of the main part of the coffin. Tuck hand under the top coffin piece, making sure that it does not exceed the orange background space. Add ‘don’t open that door’ and staple at left edge.

Adhere fence to background. Tuck the wrist part of the hand behind the ‘ghost’ flashcard and adhere to page. Staple at left edge of flash card.

Adhere moon so that it goes over the ‘starburst’ design in the upper-left corner. Adhere witch and bats as shown. Add a star gem.

Adhere black pumpkin outline to orange pumpkin piece and adhere to background. Adhere ‘eek’ in lower right corner, along the bottom edge. Adhere cat so that the back leg stands on the right part of the ‘k’.


You can use this kit with many of the digital craft cutters out there, such as Silhouette, Pazzles and Cricut. Anything that can use an SVG/DXF/AIv8 file. If you are using Cricut, you’ll need to use something like Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) or Make The Cut (MTC). These programs allow you to use SVG files with your Cricut. However, Provo Craft has made it so these two programs cannot work with the Cricut anymore, so if you didn’t get either program purchased earlier in the year (like spring 2011), then you won’t be able to use it with Cricut.

And if you don’t have a digital craft cutter? No worries. You can create it digitally! There are PNG/JPG files in this kit as well.  THIS POST has some great information on how to do that.

Distribution and Use of the File

I’ve had to use alternate file saving choices with my This & That kits. It comes as a link to a ZIP file, so unzip the file once you’ve saved it to your hard drive.  If you are on a Mac, you can double-click the ZIP file and it will open automatically.
There are two specific directories containing all the files needed to create the TRAY project as shown using printouts for some pieces and your digital craft cutter for the other pieces. One directory is called “TRAY Print Files” and the other is called “TRAY Cut Files.”
Most of the printables are straight cuts, so they should be easy to work with.

Here’s what you get:

  • Two printable composite files in PNG format only. These composite filenames start with “tt” to indicate the “This & That” project.
  • Two composite files of the cuttable shapes. These composite filenames also start with “tt”.
  • Individual cuttable files named according to the descriptive style of shape for easier sorting. These files are made for all uses and are not sized and trimmed for the 7gypsies tray.
  • The same cuttable shapes as PNG files for all you digital crafters.
Due to file size issues, there are no individual files for the printable images (in the composite files), with the exception of a few of the more ‘important’ images. I thought it might be nice to have them larger than the print file in case you wanted to use them on a larger scale. Use the Crop tool in your photo editing software with the composite printable files if you want to use them individually. There are also reverse images of the Halloween labels so that you can print black text on a colored piece of cardstock, if so desired.

The two printable composite files look like this. 

These files you print on your printer or take to your photo developer and trim using a paper trimmer or scissors as needed. Most of these are the background pieces for the slots of the 7gypsies tray.

They are saved as 8×10 files so you should be good to go if you are taking it to a photo developer.

The two cuttable composite files like this and may or may not be not in color.

Be careful for the teeny tiny pieces, like the hat buckle and the broom ‘string’. Also, you’ll notice I enclosed the spider in a square. It’s there strictly for weeding purposes. Since the legs can be delicate, I thought it best not to try and remove the shape from the entire sheet of cardstock, but rather, have it’s only little corner of the world to work with.

Because every program and every configuration may be different when bringing in the cut files, if you group them together, the Cut 1 file is 7.24″ wide and the Cut 2 files is 7.58″ wide.

Here’s a few more project tips:

  • Use a photo paper or presentation paper to print your printables at home. I like using Epson Ultra Premium Photo Paper (Matte or Lustre) or Epson Premium Presentation Paper (Matte). Or, take it to your local photo devleoper.
  • The printable background pieces can only fit into the square for which it was designed.
  • If you are using another machine besides the Cameo, try double cutting your images by copying and pasting the image on top of itself in your cutting software. That way you can be assured of a clean cut, especially on the small images. Another nifty trick is to use vinyl. It cuts nicely, plus you don’t need adhesive.
  • If this is your first time working with a This & That kit, HERE is some information on the magnets I use so that I can easily swap out the pieces all year long.

Where to find the tray.

While there are many places you can purchase the tray, you can find it on the 7gypsies website HERE or on Two Peas In a Bucket HERE. I purchased mine from Archivers. Note: I’ve discovered that all printer tray’s are not created equally, so you may have to trim a fraction off here or there. I usually set the back piece in its square first just to see if I’ll need to trim anything off.

Where to find the easel.

I get many of my home decor items at a local place called Rod Works and they sell online now too! You can find them HERE.
If you’re not a fan of doing the tray or getting the printales to use in other projects, but still want the shapes, you can get the ‘Shapes Only’ version as well.
Price: $10

And now, on a completely unrelated note, it’s this guy’s birthday today.
Shhh . . . he turns the big 5-0 today! He looks pretty darn good for his old age. ;)
Happy birthday darlin’! Love you!

This photo was taken down in the Jerusalem movie set. Most of those stones were ones he made–they aren’t real stones. Kind-a cool eh?

And on an even more unrelated note, it’s really weird when I’m listening to something and writing something and they are the same words–and they aren’t common words. I think the weirdest one of them all just happened as I was typing the sentence on Jerusalem. The song ‘Let The River Run’ by Carly Simon just came on and her opening lyrics were playing as I was writing it….they say ‘Let the river run, let all the dreamers wake the nation. Come, the new Jerusalem.’ Really???

I know. It’s freaky really. :)