I think that’s got to be one of my favorite words.


It can be something big, like seeing your kids all together after five months (Zach just got home from Alaska last night), or something very simple like a cool fall morning, sitting by the open front room window, feeling the breeze and seeing the shadows of the lilac bush dance across the walls and floor.

There is just way too much in this life to enjoy.

 I feel like it’s a positive word.

One that can up lift your spirits.

One that can help turn your mood around when you feel like life is against you.

Think about what you enjoy.

I won’t even talk about the Dr. Pepper I’m enjoying right now.

I really think it makes you feel grateful for what you have.

Look at the positive.

Enjoy means: to get pleasure from.
How you can you not find things that you get pleasure from?

And that’s why I made the word ‘enjoy’ in the Pack Your Bags kit.
One of my favorite things to do is travel, and there’s a lot of enjoyment to be had there!

Of course,  like I say, there’s way too much to enjoy.

And this card from Miss Laura is definitely enjoy-able!

[ ShapesThis & That: Love (cupcake) / Pack Your Bags (enjoy) ]

truly scrumptious, i must say.
and i truly enjoy things that are scrumptious. :)

All that confetti?

Now tell me. Who wouldn’t enjoy getting that card???

Here’s what Laura has to say:

I am constantly in need of birthday cards, and never seem to have enough on hand when I need them. So I thought I would whip up some quick and easy cards to have on hand. I’ve been wanting to try out the confetti trend that is so popular these days, and thought it would be fun to add to the top of a cupcake. I used the cupcake from Kerri’s This & That: Love [just shapes] kit. I cut the bottom part of the cupcake from patterned paper, and the top part from vellum. My intention was to put the punched confetti under the vellum and sew around the edges, but it didn’t work out so well for me. So I ran the vellum part of the cupcake through my Xyron, so that the entire piece was covered in adhesive. Then I sprinkled punched confetti over it, and pushed it all down to cover the piece. The word “enjoy”, from Kerri’s Pack Your Bags kit, was perfect for my sentiment.




And now, for the winners of the two seats in my Just Add Color class?

DEBBIE – SEPTEMBER 27, 2012 – 12:38 PM
Looks like a great class! I’ve done the Silhouette classes and they are terrific. Debbie from Fernandina Beach, FL

Ooooh pick me pick me!!
Love your blog and classes.
I’m from Sunderland which is in the North of England. The UK.

Congratulations ladies! Email me at kerribradford@msn.com with your Jessica Sprague login name and I’ll get you all hooked up!

And if you didn’t per chance win, go and sign up HERE today! I’m sure it’s something you will enjoy!  :) Class starts in just about a week!

And be sure to tune in here next week, starting Monday! There will be some spooky things to enjoy for sure!