and the ‘madness’ continues

Got some more Halloween madness from our sweet Laura today!

Check out these awesome paper mache decorations! 

[ Shapes | This & That: Halloween (tree) / Foundations: Trick Or Treat (diamond background) / This & That: All Hallows Eve (bats) ]

I love that these aren’t traditional ‘orange and black.’ I think it’s important to add a little bit of variety in your decor. Of course, when I look at my Halloween decor, it’s pretty much orange and black with a splash of green.

Oh well. :)

Fabulous job Laura!

Here’s what Laura has to say:

I have a confession. I don’t go all out every Halloween and decorate my house top to bottom. I see photos everywhere I look of spooky, but really cute, Halloween decorations filling up every nook and cranny of homes, and I wish I could learn to incorporate it into my house in the same way. But I can’t, so I limit my Halloween decor to the one small table by my front door. Which means I keep my decor items nice and simple, just like these paper mache “BOO” letters.

I used a mixture of thin washi tape, black acrylic paint, white misting spray, and Mod Podge to cover each paper mache letter. I used the diamond background shape from the Foundations: Trick or Treat kit to cut 3 seperate pieces of patterned paper large enough to cover the front of each letter, trimming off any of the excess from the edges and the insides of each letter. I then resized the tree from the This & That: Halloween [Just Shapes] kit to the same height as my letters (8 inches), and cut it from black cardstock, along with some bats from the new This & That: All Hallows Eve kit.

And don’t forget all this ‘madness’ going on too!

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  1. Ruth G October 2, 2012 at 7:31 pm

    I pretty much love everything from the diamond background and the wonderful spooky tree and bats that Laura used to the fact that she spelled the word “boo”! Thanks so much for sharing!!!!!!

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