One question I get asked quite frequently is

Where did you get your Halloween/Christmas banner?

Well, let’s just say . . .
I have an amazing bestie that made me one for Halloween
and for Christmas last year.


Need a refresher at what they look like?

remember in yesterday’s post how i said my halloween decor consisted of orange, black and a splash of green? yeah, this is the depth of my decorating. :)

I do need to add that I love having certain decor that will go with every holiday and every day in between. If you notice, I have the frame for my subway art (you can get them HERE), the star, candles, and lantern. And then there’s a clock there too, that goes with everything as well.

Oh, and one more thing, Kristy made this to go on my fireplace mantle, but because I wanted people to see it on the main floor, I put it on my 1913 upright piano. Looks great there too. :) But you could put it on a cabinet, buffet, wherever.

So recently, I’ve had some people–who I think are getting ready to prepare for their holidays and gift giving–ask me if I knew how to make them.

Um. The answer would be no.

However, I did ask Miss Kristy Banks herself and she happily obliged with some instructions. Of course, she’s a a little seamstress and figured this out on her own after seeing a photo herself. So all this is written by Kristy. Please don’t ask me for clarification. lol

Oh, and here’s a closeup of the top of the scarf.

So, without further ado, if’n ya wanna make a Halloween (or Christmas) banner for yourself?
Here’s what to do:

Holiday Mantle Scarf

This is a general set of directions so fill in the missing pieces on your own and good luck! After you sew all the triangular banners and pin them into place, it’s kind of like sewing a big long pillow.

I used 6 different patterned fabrics for a 5 foot scarf. There were two banners made for each fabric. I sewed 1/2″ seams on everything. I made patterns for the triangular banners out of butcher paper and cut each piece with a rotary blade, self healing mat and clear plexiglass straight edge.

Measure the length of the mantel and divide by 7. This number PLUS 1″ will be the width of the top of each triangle banner. You will need seven 25″ banners and six 20″ banners. The long ones go in the back and the shorter ones go in the front. If you have a mantle that is seven feet or longer I would use more flags rather than making them super fat.

Add 15-20″ to the length of the mantle  and cut two pieces of fabric that length and 12″ wide. Find the center point and measure out equal distance the length of the mantle. The excess length on each end will be the part that hangs down off the sides of the mantle. Using a straight edge and a rotary blade, cut from the edge of the fabric where the measurement for the excess begins to the center point between the two edges creating an angle. Repeat on the other side and again on the opposite end of the mantle scarf. This creates the pointed end that hangs down off each side of the mantle. This fabric piece is the scarf that all the banners will be sewn to. The pointed end will have a tassel sewn into it.  Confused? Look at a picture and it should help.

Put right sides together and sew each triangle.  Turn right side out making sure to make the point look nice. Press each triangle very well.

Starting in center of mantle scarf, pin long banner pieces into place on one side and in between where the fabric angles off, keeping each piece equal distance away. Next pin short banner pieces into place in between each long banner. Remember there are only six of these so they will not go all the way down the side. Baste the banners into place or if you’re like me, just start sewing the whole mantle scarf together. You will need to fold the banners up into themselves to get them out of the way so you don’t accidentally catch them into your seams. Sew around the whole scarf slipping the tassels into the end points as you go. BUT leave an opening in the side about ten inches long so you can turn it right side out. Turn it right side out and press it really well.I like to use starch. Sew up the opening by hand or with  your machine. Hand sew jingle bells or large beads to the point of each banner.

If you can figure it out with these crazy instructions then, congratulations! Enjoy!