The ‘Queen of Cards’ is at it again with something very thrillering (yeah, it’s a word)  for Halloween!
There’s no escaping their fabulousness.
They just send chills up+down my spine.
This mortal just can’t resist them.

(I think my continual listening of Thriller has affected my thoughts today.)

I do love ’em so . . . truly.

[ Shapes + Printables | This+That: All Hallows’ Eve ]

Okay, I think that creepy hand is becoming my all-time favorite from that kit! I looove seeing all the different uses the girls have done with it! Additionally, I love how Shari used the printable elements from the full This+That kit to create her card. You can always use those babies for more than just the kit. Remember what Laura Vegas did with her printables? At the tip of your brain? Maybe checking it out again HERE + HERE will help refresh your memory. :)