We went 20+ years without a pet.
You can’t really count hermit crabs or fish as a pet, can you?

Then all of a sudden, about 3 1/2 years ago,
We got this little guy.

He’s a quirky little cat. Okay wait, he’s not so little–in the immortal words of Helena Bonham Carter in Alice In Wonderland, “I love my fat boy.”

(I do think he’s losing a little weight since cutting back on his food though. ;) )

His ears are larger in proportion to his head and somehow the end of his tail must have had some kind of trauma as a kitty kitty, because it’s shorter than most and there’s a bend in it.

But just like all of us, we are all different + we all have flaws . . . and we love him just the way he is. And goodness, I look at that photo and realize  just how much white he’s lost on his underside.

And now, that’s how this has kit has come about. Cats have their moods, don’t they? The want the love, they don’t want the love. They are fairly independent. I think that’s why I like cats. They aren’t needy like a dog. Try having a ninety pound rotweiler-lab mix want to be a lap dog. It doesn’t work very well.

So the phrases in this kit are inspired by what we say to our cat and how he is in our house.
I’m guessing it’s pretty much universal in cat-land. :)

Price: $9

Of course, the cat doesn’t get to be ‘king of his castle’ when the dog is in the house.
And he’s not happy about that.