Goodness gracious!
Looks like there’s quite a few of you who are excited about this class!
I can’t blame ya, I think it’s gonna be awesome!

So, ya wanna know who the winner of the Studio Calico class is?

Well, that would be:

My name is Ashley and I’m from beautiful Oregon!! I’m in LOVE with using arrows and circles on my layouts right now!!! I Really love all the different arrow/circle backgrounds too… they are so fabulous!!! Thank you so much for the chance to win a spot in this class… it looks absolutely AWESOME!!!

And now for the two winners of the KBS $15 spending spree:

KIM – OCTOBER 12, 2012 – 2:51 PM
Hi, I am from the Netherlands and I love al kinds of designs! But I mostly use words and phrases. This is such a great class that I really hope to win!

KAT – OCTOBER 12, 2012 – 7:21 AM
Oooh, cute page! I’m Kat from Ontario and I love accent type shapes like leaves, tabs and things that I can plunk down throughout my project life :)

Congratulations all! Email me at and I’ll get y’all hooked up!

I really enjoyed reading all of your comments! Some of your favorite shapes are actually some kits I have in the works too. ;) I’m really excited to get them done. Another thing I noticed is that many of you are brand new to Silhouette–whether it’s in the mail or it’s been sitting in a box or you’ve used it a handful of times.

So because I have new visitors, I thought perhaps you might like to know that I also teach Silhouette classes on These classes are designed a little different than the amazing class with Studio Calico.

In ‘Silhouette: Getting To Know You’ you’ll learn–in depth–the very basics on how to use it and lots and lots of great tips on using the program as a whole. I have to say, that people that thought they knew the program still took this class and learned  a ton. And you even make that mini album! In ‘Silhouette: Oh The Places You’ll Go’ it teaches you all the features of Studio in greater detail and you get some fabulous freebies in addition to the class materials.

And then if you’ve purchased the Designer Edition? I got a class for that too. :)

This program is just a bunch of awesomeness all wrapped up in a simple little update. I have to admit, I like to find a good deal, so if you can find a coupon out there to get it for half off (that’s how I bought it), it’s totally worth it! Class freebies in this one too. :)

And then, just for fun, in my latest class, you can learn alllll about the Studio color tools and how you can utilize color and all the resources and choices out there to work to your advantage! You’ll be making three pages with all the fun shapes needed to make them.

For more information on my blog about any of these classes, click on the Classes link under Categories, or click HERE. To see the classes on, use the link in my sidebar on the right or click HERE.

Wanna see the freebies too? :)
They aren’t available for sale on my site.

So there are lots of extra goodies in these classes to play with in addition to the shapes within the class materials. The classes are jam-packed with information and tips galore!

I think that any of these in conjunction with that super fun Studio Calico class will be gettin’ you to ‘expert status’ in no time!