what’s old–or broken–is new again

Or at least I hope so.

I have to say, I’ve had a very interesting past few days.

I was feeling so danged good on Saturday when we cleaned out the garage and I did some cleaning in my bedroom…getting rid of the stacks of things that had accumulated on my dresser. And lest we not forget the major purging of my closet that I’d done just a few days before.

I was so happy.

Then chaos began.

We’d been having phone-cable-internet problems in that it just wasn’t working, or it would pop up for a while and then get all wiggy again. It’s something that had been happening intermittently and then had progressively gotten worse. And weirdly enough, it was something that would begin happening later afternoon and into the evening until close to 10:00.

On Friday morning, Comcast came out to ‘fix’ it . . . and didn’t. They told me they’d come back out . . . and didn’t. Needless to say I wasn’t happy waiting around all that time. Nor was I happy when it went out for a good part of the 1st quarter of the BYU-Notre Dame game.

Then it went downhill from there. Pretty much lost the bundle all weekend long. Not a great way to spend your weekend when you lose ALL entertainment resources–no TV, no Netflix, no internet…no one can even call us.

Yesterday they came out again and hopefully it’s been fixed. You wouldn’t believe what they did…and still have yet to do.

So there’s that. And then, next up . . . my Mac. On Thursday I got an email from Apple saying that they were recalling the 1T Seagate hard drives in the 27″ iMacs if purchased between a certain date. Yes, that meant mine. My computer would chug from time to time, but I thought it was because I’d used 700G and only had 300G left.

Turns out, my hard drive was beginning to crash. On Sunday, I could barely do anything. Everything was slowing terribly. When I tried to reboot it took for-e-ver. I seriously didn’t think it was going to boot again. But eventually it did and then it got a little quicker. But it was not a happy camper–it was very ill–and when I couldn’t do one more Time Machine backup? I got very ill.

I had made a brand new kit that I finished Friday that just need a tiny bit of fine-tuning and then I was going to save the files Monday morning. When I didn’t think I could boot, I was just sick at the prospect of losing that work and having to re-do it. My last backup was a week prior.

Alas, I was able to copy my files to a portable hard drive before taking it into get repaired on Monday.

So now, my baby is back and it looks a little something like this:


Ohhhhh happy day! But I have to tell ya, this whole mess wasn’t easy. Because there was a discrepancy in the Time Machine used disk space with my computer used disk space, I suddenly had a panic attack that I would never be able to retrieve any possible lost data on my old hard drive because they send it back to Apple. After several phone calls, transfers, constantly repeating my story–over and over and over again–Apple allowed me to keep the hard drive in the event there’s a data recovery needed.

Talk about peace of mind. It’s not like I couldn’t access the data on my old hard drive, it was just beginning its crash scenario.

Anyway, between the Comcast and Apple multiple phone calls and situation retelling, I was just spent. I was so sick of saying everything over and over again.

Not a good past few days.

But on the other hand, while I was still on the high from my cleaning endeavors, I’d come across some more things that could be reused or worn by Jordan or worn by me. I’d been in a mood to start pulling out earrings that I hadn’t worn for a while. And then when Jordan and I were taking a tour through my jewelry box, I came across this necklace.

This necklace used to be one of my very favorite necklaces to wear many years ago. But, as with most things, you get tired of jewelry pieces and need to wear something else fun and new.

But since I hadn’t worn it for a while, I gave that sterling silver a little polish and wore it for the first time in a looooong time yesterday. The reason why I love it so is because it reminds me of our family farm. The windbreak consists of these huge, huge, huuuuugely tall pine trees. So it’s just something special for me.

And Jordan has not only taken some of my old sweaters to wear–before I purged them for good–but now she’s pilfering my jewelry. ;) Oh, and I decided to use one of my most favorite wallets ever that I bought in Rome, Italy like 12 years ago. 12? Was it more than that? 15? I can’t remember. But Jordan keeps insisting on letting her use it. Um, no. That’s real Italian leather from a very nice store baby. I love it. Want to go back to Italy to buy another one. ;)

I love it when you can give new life to something. When something old is fun and new for someone else.

So, there ya have it. My life in a nuthouse–uh, I mean, nutshell for the past few days. I feel so behind on emails and such. I couldn’t really even use my daughter’s computer because first of all we had no internet, but also because she needed to take her computer to school.

Makes me feel a need to get a laptop someday… ;)

Once I get my Mac back up and going–which will still be a few hours of the file transfer–I will start answering emails and all that fun stuff.

I appreciate your patience with all of this!

Glad to finally get back to normal. Of course, I don’t want to jinx myself and have the internet go out again.

And speaking of, what are the odds of getting that Apple email and my hard drive taking a nose dive right soon after and my phone/internet/cable going out ALL at the same time?

Is that what’s known as the Bermuda Triangle?

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  1. Susan Kopp October 24, 2012 at 2:40 pm

    I have had that very thing happen with our cable/internet. AT&T UVerse hates when I call now and they just bite the bullet and send a Tech cause they know I won’t be a happy camper unless it is fixed immediately. Our problems started at the junction boxes a mile away, traveled up the line and into the house where previous techs cut necessary wires, wired things up backward or just plain didn’t know what they were doing. This went on for 3 weeks………works like a champ now! Hang in there it does get better. As for the computer……..I hate when they go down, withdrawl is not pretty!

  2. Laura K October 25, 2012 at 11:09 am

    Wow what a crazy week! I know how that feels. I had one or two of those recently. We had to go nine days with no hot water a month ago. We live in a condo and the hot water heater in the unit above ours was leaking like crazy. It caused it to look like it was raining in our hot water heater closet. The water soaked all the electrical components in our hot water heater causing it to fry and not work anymore. Needless to say their insurance didn’t want to cover it and come to find out the guy who we are renting from has the same insurance company! Then they had to fight back and forth about who needed to pay for it and finally our landlord just had to pay to put in a new hot water heater and fight with the insurance company to get his money back. It was the longest week of my life! Constantly boiling water on the stove to wash dishes or bathe a la Little House on the Prairie is not fun!

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