You know, I love having options for journaling. I like being able to use something beyond just the ordinary ‘type it up and print it out’ method. Combine that with my love for office supplies? Um yeah, this is what you get:


This kit is perfect for working with Project Life because the journaling cards come in 4×6 and 3×4 sizes. But of course you can use these for your pages, cards, projects…whatever floats your boat!

But wait . . . there’s more! (you know how I love to say that)

Not only can you use these as a PNG file in your photo editing software, but it also includes the cut files so that you can bring them into your cutting software and manipulate your colors there, change the corners to a rounded corner, or even add a fun edge border like from the kit On The Edge . . . like this.

You can put multiples on a page and run them off as print+cuts as well.

And wait….there’s even more! Because they are a cut file and created with lines and dots and all that good stuff, you can change the colors how you want them. Perhaps a girls’ game night would warrant a more girly colored score sheet journaling card, like this?


Now, if you have the Designer Edition of Studio, when you bring the SVG file into Studio, the image will be in color like you see above. If you have the Standard Edition, the DXF will all come in a that raw outline look–just lines, no color. What I would recommend doing is grab any text and turn it into a Compound Path (select the word/phrase, right click, choose Make Compound Path). That way it will change the text as it needs to be so that when you fill it with a color, it will do the right thing.

I might even recommend that you color them like you see and then save it as a STUDIO file and keep that one on file before adding it to your Library.

You may have noticed that there are some designs that I’ve made for kits like This+That in there. That’s because I loved the design so much that I thought it would be awesome to have it perfectly formatted in the 4×6 and 3×4 to make them easy to use. I also made the lines for these cards so that they are about the same as a piece of notebook paper so that you’ll have room to write.

Okay then . . . that’s all she wrote . . . so to speak. :)
With this kit, now you can now journal inFORMS.