I thought that today might be a good day to share the full pages from my Silhouette class, Just Add Color. Each of the items you see here for these pages are made or modified all within the class. I also show you how to get colors to match your photos or to create fun new color schemes from different resources.

Basically, when all is said and done, this class is all about getting the most out of your shapes, your colors, learning how to create new shapes, using great fonts, and all sorts of good stuff! With the exception of the background paper in the ‘beautiful’ page, everything is created–or already made and can be modified–within Silhouette Studio.

I love me a lacy flower background! This image is part of the class and comes in both letter and 12×12 sizes.
And all those elements? Yeah, we make all of that!

 One of my favoritist (yeah, it’s a word) shapes ever? A poloroid. And they are soooo easy to make in Studio! And see that ‘Genuine’ tag? Yeah, you get that and you can customize the colors in Studio to create a print+cut that fits your needs.

With this part of the class, I show you how you can create your color scheme using a background paper too. 

More fun with this part of the class!
If you only knew what you could do with that amazing thing called color!

The things you can do in Silhouette to simplify your process? It’s crazy.
This class shows you many-a tips.

You’ll be coming away with a whole new appreciation for designing your own stuff!

Oh, and don’t forget this cute little set of freebies. :)


If you want more details on the class, you can read this post HERE or see what’s up on JessicaSprague.com.

Stay tuned for a page I’m making with Jordan’s senior pics using some of the stuff from this class. It’s just ever-so versatile.

And if you’ve taken this class? I’d love to hear from ya! :)