round and round and round we go!

You know, sometimes I think it’s just crazy to think I’ve been doing this for over two years now. Seriously. Crazy!

I look back on some of those very first kits with fondness . . . with a memory of starting out on a new adventure. Could I really do this? Could I really start my own business?

It’s amazing to see how this little place has grown. The friends that I’ve made all over the world. You probably don’t know this, but every time I see an order or a comment from a new place in this wonderful world, it gets announced at my house. :) Places like South Africa, Vietnam, Iceland, and my most recent shout out . . . Poland.

So when I saw this page from our newest creative team member, Miss Naomi Atkins, it just brought  back a flood of memories, how I’ve grown as a business and a person, and a deep appreciation for all of you. The ‘Round and Round’ kit was one of my very first kits and I loooove how Naomi uses it here!

[ Shapes | Round and Round (title) / Say What #1 (‘this girl) ]

I think I have the same grin on my face that cute little girl right now.
Love the page Naomi!

And at the risk of sounding corny,
it’s all of you–around this beautiful world--that makes my life go round and round and round.
What a ride! :)

Love to you all!

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  1. Rhadonda November 6, 2012 at 9:55 am

    We love you too Kerri Bradford. Love your creativity and humor. I am not from an exotic country (well sometimes i feel like i am in a foreign country, no offense Illinois, since moving from Missouri to Illinois, amazing the differences) anyway….i bet it is real exciting receiving all that input. Keep up the good work!

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