You can’t help but start having those feelings of gratitude at this time of year. Whether it’s Thanksgiving or thoughts on Christmas (which is also just around the corner), thoughts seem to linger on family and friends and just a gratefulness for life and good food. Man, I am so in the mood to cook a turkey dinner!!! And don’t get me started on this old fashioned apple cake that I ate last night at a church function. I am soooo getting that recipe and making it for Thanksgiving! (and yes, I’ll share it here. sorry about the weight watchers points guys. :) )

So when it came time to making the ‘Giving Thanks’ kit, there were just soooo many words in my head! Things that relate to family, to connections, to food, and all that good stuff. So needless to say, this baby is loaded with goodness that can be used for the holiday or any day.


Can ya just taste the turkey already? I’m soooo tempted to make a simple turkey dinner on Sunday. Like, with a turkey breast, not a full-on turkey. But stuffing, want stuffing. Sooooooo tempted….

Now how’d that Ray Conniff Christmas get started on my iTunes?
(shhhhh….don’t tell Dan)