You know, this is always hit and miss for me. Sometimes I will–like if we go to California or something–and sometimes it just seems to be the same ol’ ‘family gathering’, but with more food, so I don’t think to take my camera. I need to be better about that and I do believe I’m going to make it a goal to do just that in a week.  (holy cannoli…a week!)

And I love the twist that Laura did here. Let’s check it out . . .

[ Shapes | Giving Thanks (words) / Signed.Sealed.Delieverd (envelope) / This+That: Autumn (leaves) ]

Getting little ‘grateful’ notes from everyone is a wonderful idea! It’s something you can keep as a momento forever . . . a little piece of time all tucked into an envelope. Great idea! And I love those colorful leaves too!

Here’s what Laura has to say:

A few years back, on Thanksgiving day, I had asked each member of our family to write down what they were thankful for. I also took a photo of each person. My plan was to create a mini album that had each persons photo and their handwritten paper next to it, and it could be something that we take out each year on Thanksgiving. I have started and stopped working on this little album several times over the last few years (this was from back in 2009), and have just never been able to finish it. I decided that instead of the mini album, I would simply make a two page layout to hold everything. I chose an envelope from Kerri’s Signed.Sealed.Delivered kit, and cut it from two different patterned papers, which I used to hold all of the handwritten papers where everyone wrote what they were thankful for. I love the cursive, handwritten titles in Kerri’s new Giving Thanks kit, and used a few words to create my title and embellish the envelope. I added some simple leaves, from the This And That: Autumn kit to embellish the spread. I cut all of my words and leaves from white cardstock, in addition to the patterned paper and brown cardstock, and layered them together.

And now, how’s about we take a look at another flashback idea from last year. With this gift-giving idea, Laura made a bunch of little cards and put them in a jar to give as a gift. This is a fabulous gift idea!

 ( For more information on this idea, click HERE.)