I have been in such a retro mood. I love vintage-style typography–you could say, it really floats my boat. Usually the style is clean with some character. I think it just adds a whole fabulous element to a page…or a Project Life…or a December Daily…. :)

That’s why I was so excited to make this fun little number:

And not only would they be great for your memory keeping, but you can use them as gift tags or on a photo card or whatever!

So this is how they come. In the kit you get two different sizes to the PNG image. One is the STANDARD–use ‘as is’–size, and the other one is a BLEED size–meaning, you’ll get an excess of the card so that when you add a decorative edge then you’ll have some wiggle room.

So, let’s take a closer look at what this image is telling us.

If you decide you want to use a tag shape, choose the PNG image file that has BLEED in it. The BLEED files give a little excess to the design around the outer edge so that you have a little wiggle room to play with. The BLEED PNG files should be about 3.2″ wide and the tag shape should remain that 2.95″ wide so it will fit into the pocket of your Project Life. Center the two images and create that Print+Cut.

If you decide you want the STANDARD, straight-cut image to use, and you’re using it in your Project Life, you’ll want to make the card slightly smaller than 3×4–so setting a width of 2.95″ would probably end up being just right.

So the basics of this all is:
1. Open the needed PNG
2. Open the tag cut file and copy your tag style
3. Paste and center it over your PNG image
4. Set up your file for the Print+Cut

And voila! You are done!

Of course, if you are using this for anything else, your sizes can vary. Oh yeah, and to carry on the theme of what you’re working with there, there are three of the designs on the cards that have been included as cuttable shapes. I’m personally pretty fond of those. :)

Soooo…there ya have it! Go have some fun with it!