Welcome, welcome!
Welcome to the 12 Days of Christmas here with us at KBS!

I’m so excited for this time of year. So many fun things going on, presents to be purchased, songs to be sung…and food to be eaten!

So much to do and so little time. Can you believe that Christmas Eve is just two weeks from today???
Goodness gracious . . . I gotta do me some shoppin’!

Well, I’m just givin’ ya one more thing to do during this crazy time of year . . . 
. . . meeting me right here–every day–to see what we’ve got goin’ over the next two weeks (except Sunday :) ).

Each day during our 12 Days of Christmas there will be both a free shape and a kit for 50% off.

You heard me.

 Every day for the next 12 days.
(sunday doesn’t count though–just remindin’ ya.)

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, there will be something fun to share . . . whether it’s something from our fabulous creative team, something to learn, something new, or whatever may be tickling my fancy . . . it’s going to be a very fun-filled two weeks!

But there’s a big but here (and no, it’s not mine),
the freebie and the 50% a kit will be for that day only.

That’s why you absolutely have have have to check in every single day. But you know what? Unlike my previous ‘freebie’ weeks, if you miss a day, the freebie will be available to purchase for .99 the next day. Which brings me to some fabulous news . . . this is the beginning of a new time here at KBS . . . I’m going to start selling shapes from my compilation kits individually. I know, I know. Long time coming. I kept waiting to create a new store and finally, I’m just sick of waiting. :) The ’12 Days’ freebies will all go into a kit when I’m done too, so they can be purchased either way.

I’m very excited about this!

So . . . hmmmmm . . . what should we start with first?

How’s about this:

I know it says it’s also in ’12 Days of Christmas Picks’, but it won’t be until our ’12 Days’ is over. 
I just don’t want to create the image twice. :)
The .99 product images will always indicate when it’s also in a larger kit so you don’t accidentally buy it twice.

 To download this for free today only, click HERE. 

 This is no longer available as a freebie, but you can purchase it HERE.

Okay, let’s see that Gift Card Envelope in action.
It’s perfect for all those little gift cards that I know you’ll be buying right now!

Here it is, with a brand new KBS holiday gift card (printed on photo paper), which I’ll cover here in a sec.
(So much to talk about today. :) )

Cut it from a cute patterned paper or decorate with glitz and glam or just wrap a big ribbon around it.

So now, that you had a little sneak at the new holiday gift cards, let’s talk about those.
Here is what they look like. There’s the revamped ‘every day’ style and now a ‘holiday’ style.

On top of having a new ‘holiday’ choice, I’ve made the cards in four different dollar amounts.
You now have the choice between $10 + $15 amounts along with the original $25 and $50.

Perfect stocking stuffer or gift for your little bestie–with the envelope freebie, of course.

To access all eight of them so you can pick the one that you need, click HERE.

( FYI, a gift card size is 3 3/8″ x 2 1/8″. )

Okay, so now, last but not least, what is on sale for today?
Well, in the spirit of this gift-giving day, Signed.Sealed.Delivered. has got to be the kit, don’t ya think?

Rather than this baby being $10, today–and today only–it’s on sale for $5.

FABulous deal!

To buy it, click the image or click HERE.

And now, one last ‘gift’ idea.

You may have heard that my Silhouette classes (and all classes) are on sale for 20% off on JessicaSprague.com. But did you know that now you can get Silhouette 1+2 in a bundle and save $5 . . . and then 20% on that? So, instead of spending $54 on both classes, you can get the bundle for just $39.20. That 20% off sale ends along with the year, so keep that in mind.

I know that many of you have a Silhouette or maybe you’re just getting one or you may have friends getting them for Christmas.
Have you and/or your friends been wanting to learn more?

I can tell you, you will be singing sweet Silhouette songs after taking these classes.

AND . . .

You can give them as a gift too!
Maybe you need to drop a hint to hubby or maybe it’s the perfect idea for the ‘hard to shop for’ friend.

You can find all the Silhouette classes HERE.
If you are wanting to give it as a gift, just choose the needed class and you’ll have a link to do just that.

Okay . . . whew! What a day!

Wonder what’s up for tomorrow? ;)