Okay boys and girls . . . today’s a big day! If you haven’t noticed, I got a couple new kits up! The fist is a set of new storyboard photo templates and I also used them to create my photo collages below. This kit is made to work with all square photos—Instagram Style. Not that you have to use them with an Instagram photo (mine aren’t), but you surely can!

Check out all the different templates here!

As per usual, each template has its own frame–straight or rounded corner–to overlay the set of photos if you’d like. And just to remind you, if you want a thicker line? Just add a stroke to the frame and voila! It’s a thicker frame!

And because I’m feeling saucy . . . the storyboard kit is on sale through Sunday night for 20% off!

So if’n ya wanna save a couple bucks, best be gettin’ ’em now!

And the next individual kit would be a-comin’ at the request of Miss Nichol. She has something in mind for these babies and I can’t wait to see what it is!

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So a couple weeks ago I went to sunny California for CHA. A cold California, but still 40 degrees warmer than where I left. It was single digit temps here in Utah and in the 40s in California. Felt wonderful! This was the view right by the hotel (left). I think that street by Disneyland (right) is my favorite street in California. It’s just so pretty with all those palm trees lining the street!

Got to run around with my dear friend Lisa Bearnson, which was totally fun! We stayed up ‘way past my bedtime’ according to Lisa (she knows I’m not a night owl). Like 1:30 in the morning. Chatting away like girls at a slumber party. It was so much fun getting to really visit with her again. The occasional lunch just doesn’t cut it. ;) And when we used to travel together often, we could conversate more. So it was fun doing that again.

I ran into so many friends there! Heck, I don’t pay to go see the product…I pay to see all my friends that I never get to see! Here’s a peek at a few of the friends I got photos with.


I added two actions over the top of that:
Heartland from The Pioneer Woman and Acid Wash from Totally Rad Actions.

Dang…I don’t know what I was thinking when I missed taking one with Elizabeth Kartchner and Heidi Swapp. And dear Miss Shari…she was busy and I was going to go back the next day and get a pic with that cute thing and totally got busy with other things. Next time Shari darling!

All these girls are just amazing. Truly. I’ve known them for years–and some a few years longer than the others. Kristina (from TwoPeas) and I were winners of the very first CK Hall of Fame contest and on the Provo Craft design team. We even had a scrapbook getaway…with Stacy Julian too, before Simple Scrapbooks was really ever anything. Kristina was the first friend I ran into at CHA and it was so fun to see her again. And of course that Ali girl…haven’t seen her in forever. And Teresa…we are Cafe Rio lunch buddies….and it’s been a while. ;) And don’t get me goin’ on Becky and Lisa. And Lori is such a fabulous designer. Worked with her in my CK days. I don’t know how she does all that she does!

I’ve really been lucky to be in this industry for so many years. I’ve made many friends and had many wonderful opportunities. I’m very grateful for all of that. Truly.

And then, of course, I got to see this IRL.
Hey, I can use current TLA (three letter acronym) jargon too. ;)

I tell ya, Becky’s booth was hoppin’ the whole time! Definitely a buzz going on there. Hmmm….wonder why?

Chatted with those American Craft boys and all the fun people that work with that fabulous company–Becky, Maggie, Elizabeth…Studio Calico… Is it any wonder why people want to be associated with AC? They are–and have always been–my very favorite company to work with. Love those guys (and cardstock, of course).

Oh, and little Miss Maggie had these fabulous photo overlays to vintagefy (yeah, it’s a word) your photos. Attach it with some washi tape? Soooo cool! And oh my, I tried to find a photo on AC or Crate Paper (who she’s doing it through–and CP is under the AC umbrella), and even on Maggie’s site, but couldn’t find it. I’m sure you’ll see something soon.

Stopped by the Silhouette booth. Saw that they have new chipboard that you can work with now. That’s awesome for all you chipboard lovers! If you haven’t seen their announcement on their blog, you can check it out HERE.

My Mind’s Eye are another one of my favorite companies. They always have such wonderful scrapbooking goodness. Yum. That’s all I have to say!

Stopped by the Lifestyle Crafts booth and chatted with sweet Michelle Rasmussen…who was my first boss when I started with QuicKutz…but I’d known her prior to that for all the QVC stuff. This girl is a total sweetheart and I miss working with her. She’s so creative and she’s doing an amazing job with her vision for that company. The Letterpress is fabulous!

The trip was quick, but oh so much fun to go again. It’s been about three years since my last trade show. I’d love to go to Chicago…it’s my kind of town. ;) Seriously though, love Chicago.