dan: documentary style

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So I know I've mentioned us doing remodeling our downstairs--it's the third level of a four-split level house. It's also where my studio resides. Okay, so maybe it's more of an 'office', but soon it will [...]


a little more love for february

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Little Miss Naomi is sharing a wee bit of love with us today before our 'love' month is over.   [ Shapes | XOXO ('love you') / Feathers ]   Totally love her choice of patterned [...]


have you heard the news?

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Today's the big announcement . . . the big reveal . . . check it out! That's right boys and girls . . . Lisa and Becky are making HSN magic! Oh yay!!! (and in case [...]


and the winner is . . .

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Goodness gracious . . . Saturday just came and went so fast! Here is the randomly picked winner of the seat in The History Project and choice of a Project Life childhood kit: LARA READ - FEBRUARY 21, [...]


there be a giveaway goin’ on today!

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  That's right boys and girls! I've heard that many of you are combining the Project Life Childhood Editions with The History Project to record your own childhood memories. (it's just a fabulous day, really.) So [...]

fun little finds

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Okay, so if you follow me on Facebook, you might remember me postingabout this fun little find that I purchased from Barnes+Noble a few weeks ago. Totally love these notebooks! Not sure what I'm doing with [...]


project life amazement

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Are you working on Project Life?Been looking for some creative ways to do it?Well, our little Miss Naomi has been busy working on her Project Life this year. Check out her amazing pages!  [ Shapes | [...]


anniversary recap

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First, I just wanted to say thank you for all the fun anniversary wishes. It's funny, 25 years seems like quite an achievement in this day and time. Dan, Kass and I were talking yesterday and [...]


happy valentine’s day!

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Just thought I'd share this 'homemade' card with y'all to wish you a wonderful day full of love! [ photo taken at my hairstylist's wedding reception. ] And here's another fabulous Valentine decoration from our loverly [...]


twenty-five years.

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It's been 25 years ago today that we were on our way to Manti, Utah on a winter sunny day.(of course I had to get married in some place old.) (photo from lds.org) Twenty-five years ago [...]

valentine card idea

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Been looking for a Valentine card idea? Well, our lovely Miss Laura has a special Valentine treat for you! Check 'em out . . .  [ Shapes | Feathers / More Background Basics (circle background) / XOXO (heart) [...]


friday freebie: i am a child of god

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Many of you know that I'm the secretary in Primary presidency. Primary, in the LDS church, is where the children come to learn songs and hear messages in what's called Sharing Time. They also have a [...]

the month of loooooove

2017-10-18T16:35:00+00:00February 4th, 2013|cards, shari carroll|

It is February. I can hardly believe it! Officially, we are now in the month love....and warmer temps, I'm hoping. :) Not only is it Valentine's Day next week, but it's also hubby's and my 25th [...]


something new and exciting!

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Honk Honk! There's some fabulous news--and some sad news--but oddly, it's all the same news.(Can you say 'mixed emotions'?) I am packing up my Silhouette classes, putting them in a moving truck, and bringing 'em on [...]