It is February. I can hardly believe it! Officially, we are now in the month love….and warmer temps, I’m hoping. :) Not only is it Valentine’s Day next week, but it’s also hubby’s and my 25th anniversary.

Holy cannoli! 

We talked about doing something extra special–like take a trip to Hawaii (I was sooo close to hitting buy when looking at plane tickets)–but I thought that if I was going to spend a chunk of money to do that, then I’d much rather put it towards a trip to Europe with the family a little later in the year. Our family loves to travel and take pictures and we talk of going to France (speaking of love) and Amsterdam quite often (among a million other places to go). We’d love to do London too, but don’t know if that will be in the cards. We are dreamers here in the Bradford house and I’m hoping that dream will come to light for us, because we’ve been talking about a trip like this for two years now. Since Zach speaks French and his bestest missionary companion lives in France, he really wants to go see him.

So, to help us get started in our ‘loverly’ month, here’s a gorgeous card by Queen of Cards herself, our sweet little Shari!

[ Shapes | This+That: Love (printables)  / Background Basics (flower background)

oooooh la la!

i. love.