Many of you know that I’m the secretary in Primary presidency. Primary, in the LDS church, is where the children come to learn songs and hear messages in what’s called Sharing Time. They also have a class with a teacher where they learn a lesson each week. Every year there is a theme that the we focus on in Sharing Time and this year’s them is I Am A Child Of God.

There is also a favorite Primary song–for just about every person in the church–by that same name. If you haven’t heard it, you can listen to it HERE with voices (first song). And HERE with variations on the music (it’s kind-a cool, but I couldn’t find the voices).

So for our birthday gifts that we are handing out this year, we are giving them this 4×6 photo card with first verse done in subway art style and individualizing each one with their name. They can use it to put into their scriptures, use it as a bookmark, hang it up in their room….whatever they want to do.

I thought they turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself. ;) I left an open space to accommodate the name. If there were short names, I put in flowers or stars depending on if it were a boy or a girl. Stack two for a narrow ‘space’ and use one big one for a bigger ‘space.’ You can use any images or dingbats you may have to put in there. Of course there was also other finagling that had to occur…making the name wider or more narrow…adding more space between letters…. So it’s not just as easy as typing in a name, but it wasn’t bad.

So of course I had to share this with everyone too!

 And that’s whatcha got for a Friday Freebie today!

You can download it for free HERE.

There are a couple variations in two different sizes (4×6 and 8×10). One has just the song lyrics for the first verse and the other has a space for a name. You’ll just have find a similar font and put in your own name. The font I use is a purchased (expensive) font, so find something similar and it’ll look great.

Now, I’m off to get them printed on cards from Persnickety Prints. On the back, I’m putting ‘you are simply amazing.’ And you’re probably thinking, ‘Uh. It’s February….?’ Luckily we’ve only had a couple birthdays, so I’m okay. Have I mentioned it’s been a really crazy month? ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!