Little Miss Naomi is sharing a wee bit of love with us today before our ‘love’ month is over.  

[ Shapes | XOXO (‘love you’) / Feathers ]


Totally love her choice of patterned paper for the feathers!
gorgeous girl!

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  

and now, some

Today I get to (get to???) do my taxes. 
Oh the joy of it all.

March is Friday . . . in case you didn’t know.

Slowly working on remodeling the downstairs.
Blinds have been out of the windows for a few days.
It’s been glorious with the morning light beaming in!
Makes me happy.

I don’t know how I’m going to work if I move my office for the remodel.
oh boy.

Still working on trying to simplify + find balance . . .
but I keep adding to my work load.
How does that happen???

Got cheated with my Sunday afternoon nap due to the creative
process party that occurred in my head when I laid down.
(soooo not fair)

Hmm . . . I feel a new class coming on.

Can’t wait for spring!
(so tired of snow)

I got my Christmas stuff down finally . . .
*ehem* like only a week ago.
(sad, I know)

Okay, that’s all the stuff I think I have in my head at the moment.
Best be getting all my tax stuff together now . . . procrastinating.